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October 26, 2012

When YOU Absolutely Need to Get Faster, Stronger, and Eliminate or Resist Training Related Injuries, the Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Process Will Transform Your Body in as Little as Six Weeks.


It’s Time To Get Off The Exercise Merry-Go-Round And Start Doing  Proven Time-Effective Training That Will Get The Results You Are Looking For.

Have you been searching for a way to regain lost speed, strength, and power but are frustrated with your lack of progress.  Or are you just trying to get faster but are not sure how to do it?  Let’s face it, it is confusing to know what exercise methods are helping you, doing nothing, or actually making you go slower.

Incorporating  things like yoga, Pilates, or the latest strength training fad, may seem like a good idea to enhance your endurance training program but they may end up just being a time suck, and produce no real changes in your bottom line performance.

While it is okay to use these training methods(great for the general population), the fact is they just are not specific or intense enough for most endurance athletes.  The reason I can say this is that I have evaluated many endurance athletes who have used these methods and are not getting results (more about this later).

What you need is a, proven and effective training system, which will not only increase your strength, speed, and power, but also make you more injury resistant all at the same time.

You know what is like to struggle when you are out on the road training, you feel like you don’t have it, or worse yet your training times are getting slower not faster.  Sometimes you just start getting tight in those nagging hamstrings or hip flexors muscles, or your power just did not show up.

Do you suffer from any of the following;

  • Feeling tight during and after training in your hamstrings or low back?
  • Feel like you have lost your power during longer training sessions?
  • Suffer from recurring training related injuries?
  • Are unable to generate good sustained speed?
  • Find your endurance is not where it needs to be
  • Feel that your strength is slowly declining?
  • Are having trouble recovering from training sessions?

If so you will want to keep reading

The Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Process will Transform YOUR Body In as Little As Six Weeks.

So you will become faster, stronger, and more injury resistant using a proven system to get the results you are looking for.  This Process was developed for endurance athletes like yourself who are looking for an effective, time efficient, way to get your strength and flexibility training done without jeopardizing your regular training routine.

I have used this process with hundreds of my private one-on-one clients and have helped them to either, completely eliminate chronic training related injuries, or just make them faster, stronger, and more injury resistant.

So why am I offering my biggest training secrets?  I realize how many endurance athletes are out their struggling with their training, and cannot possibly connect one-on-one with all of them.

That is why I created the Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Process.  I am sharing my best training secrets in this comprehensive training program because I have seen incredible results for my clients, time after time.

Whether you just want to get faster, stronger, and more injury resistant without spending all day in the gym, or would love to  just be able to eliminate your chronic training related pain, this self-directed program will get you back on the right path.

I Can’t Take Full Credit For Inventing Most of the Exercises I Use In The Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Program, But….

My endurance sports career started at the age of nine when I ran 2.25 miles with my Dad, just so I could drink some Gatorade.  That was back in 1973 when Gatorade was the latest cool drink.  While I stopped drinking Gatorade my passion for endurance sports has only grown stronger.

My life was soon shaped around rowing which ultimately lead me to being able to compete on three Olympic Teams (92, 96, and 00) and win four world championships for the United States.

My passion for endurance sports and the human body did not stop on the water, I became a licensed physical therapist (Columbia University) in 1991 and practiced (16 of my 18 year career) at two world class hospitals, The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in NYC and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP).

These experiences lead me to this point and because I grew frustrated hearing clients tell me their stories of having to give up their passion sport, because they were missing this knowledge.

I sold the interest I had in several physical therapy practices I had owned for eight years to start this business.  Four years ago I started this business with no customers or income.  Giving up a stable source of income when you have a wife, three kids, mortgages, etc is quite stressful, but I knew it had created a powerful system that had already helped many endurance athletes succeed whether they had suffered from chronic training related injuries, or just wanted to get faster.

Have You Ever Been Told By a Doctor to Stop Your Endurance Sport and Find Something Else to Do?

Have you been told by your doctor to give up your sport and do something else?  Or do you feel like you are stuck where you are and you just can’t seem to improve?  Have you spent many hours doing rehabilitation, or trying the latest exercise methods, all to no avail?

The reality is you want to be out on the road going fast and having fun.  No endurance athlete wants to spend all day in the gym working on strength and flexibility, but if done correctly it can really boost your performance.

Now I am finally offering you the same unique and highly specific exercises I prescribe to my private Body Balance Evaluation clients, directly to you.   You are probably asking why I would offer these same routines to you.  Because there is not possible way I can help everyone out there who are looking for the solutions I provide to my customers.

Questions like how can I get rid of my chronic related training pain without spending months in therapy or just quitting the sport?  Or, how can I get the results I want without spending all day doing a bunch of random strengthening and flexibility exercises that never seem to create positive results?

What I am offering you is an opportunity to use some of my best exercises.  The same core exercises that I use with my private one-on-one clients.  These private Body Balance Evaluation sessions cost almost $500 plus travel expenses, but most clients only need to attend one session (about 95%), occasionally a second (5%), because they get great results with one touch.


The Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Product will help you get to the next level in your training so you can go faster, train longer, and avoid injuries.    This unique training program will help;

  • Increase Your “Core” Strength in a Hurry
  • Improve your Overall Strength and Endurance
  • Create more Power When you are out on the Road
  • Eliminate Tightness in Your Hamstrings
  • Reduce the Risk of Sustaining Training Related Injuries
  • Eliminate Training Related Pain
  • Feel Strong during Every Training Session


The same exercises that are included in my new Body Balance Flexibility and Strength program are the same ones I use with my private clients, including Eric Esposito.  Eric is a typical endurance athlete that I work with ages ranging from 15 to 75 years old.  His story is below, and while results vary with each client.  Eric talks below about how he benefited from the Body Balance process, and how it changed his rowing career options, from having none, to being heavily recruited by the top collegiate rowing programs.


I am a Body Balance Believer!

– High School Sculler Overcomes Months of Chronic Low Back Pain After Body Balance Evaluation.

I am a Body Balance believer! As a junior sculler, I struggled with back pain through the fall season of 2011. It soon began affecting my performance on and off the water. After several trips to the orthopedist and several months of physical therapy, I was still having back pain. With the approaching spring season, the lack of results was extremely frustrating. My coach attended one of Coach Kaehler’s 2-Day Body Balance Clinics for coaches and rowers, and thought that he (Coach K) could help me.

I went to see Coach K in February, for one visit, where he identified my strength and flexibility deficiencies. After about six weeks of doing the individualized “Body Balance” corrective exercise program I received on that first visit, I began to row, again, with much less pain. I kept up my exercises through the spring season, and by May, I was rowing pain free.

I saw Coach K, again, at the end of May, and we added erging and strength training into my program. By the end of June, I had a new 2k PR on the erg and in July, my quad earned a gold medal at Club Nationals. Coach K’s Body Balance program really does work.

-Eric Esposito., RI




In fact you do not have to be a rower to have success with the Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Process.  I have helped many triathletes, runners, and cyclist using the same principles.

This exercise system serves as the base or foundation for all other strength and sport specific training.  Results from this system can be used successfully by individual as well as teams.

I had the opportunity in 2007-08 to work with the Men’s Olympic Rowing Team as they prepared for the summer Olympics in Beijing.  I immediately began incorporating my Body Balance Flexibility and Strength process with the team, then stacked traditional strength training exercises on to this base.

Training related injuries soon begin to disappear, while at the same time they whole team began having personal best training and race results.  The Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Program is a must if you are looking to move your training to the next level

“This past year I along with the entire US Olympic Men’s Heavyweight Sweep Team worked with Bob on strength and conditioning as well as his Body Balance Process. I found Bob’s knowledge of the sport of rowing, biomechanics, physiology and overall demeanor to be most impressive. Bob’s program helped improve my power and mechanic coordination and as a result I was able to pull a personal best on my 2k erg score this year and I did so while wearing a V02 mask. Obviously it is up to you to put in the work and fulfill your end of the bargain but in terms of teachers Bob is one of the best.”

Tyler Winklevoss
2008 US Olympic Team
Finalist Men’s Pair (6th) in Beijing


If you are looking for a program that cuts out all the guessing and gets right to the critical exercises you should be doing then this is the program you are looking for.

If you think it’s going to be easy to train to your true potential or be a champion then this program is not for you.

This program saves you lots of time an effort in that you are not wasting time doing exercises that will not improve your results.

Do YOU Feel Like You are Just Doing a Bunch of Random Strength And Flexibility Exercises?


The Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Process is;

  • Time efficient
  • Easy to integrate into your current training program
  • Based on sound principles
  • Great as a warm-up routine
  • Easy to do anywhere with little equipment needed
  • Very cost effective
  • The foundation of all your other training (cardio and strength)

The First 100 Customers Will Get and Added Bonus!

To help further your training success I wanted to also include my  Dynamic Warm-up Training Program ($17.95 value) as a FREE bonus to your purchase of the Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Program.

This bonus is a limited time offer and will only be FREE to the first 100 customers to purchase the program, so hurry today to order your copy of this unique training program.

Our Guarantee

Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not pleased with this product  within 45 days of your purchase please just email us about it and we will gladly refund your money.

Please keep the Dynamic Warm-up Program as a FREE gift for trying out the Body Balance Flexibility and Strength Program.


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