Make Sure You Are Not Doing This As Erg Season Starts!

November 10, 2016

Video #4 gives additional insight about how you move your spine during a squat or rowing stroke. Mastering spine control when the extremities are under load is a skill anyone can learn and it makes you a better athlete.  It will help you generate more power, strength, and sport endurance while significantly reducing the potential of injury during training.

If you suffer from low back stiffness or pain during or after a training session then you are asking your spine to do unnecessary moving work. This movement system keeps certain muscles in your extremities inflexible and weak as the spine is doing the work for them. Other evidence is a stiff back when you get up in the morning following a hard erg or rowing training session. You should never wake up with a “stiff” back.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate training related stiffness and/or pain altogether? Or do you feel like you should have more power and flexibility? If you answered yes then this information will help you to start solving these conditions.

The solution is straight forward, stop using your spine as a moving worker and train it to be in control. The challenge is that this skill is an internal process that you must be able to feel internally to correct. Feeling the difference between when the spine is allowed versus when it is provides a non-moving foundation is the critical step to mastering this skill. Without this perspective you will continue to operate as usual and reinforce the moving spine system  where traditional strength training and rehab methods will just reinforce what you are already good and you will remain stuck.


So if you are looking to eliminate stiff and/or painful joints/back and have not seen improvement no matter what you have tried this is why.  Muscles recover great, joints and discs not so great. Why not learn how to optimize your spine control process.  Master your body.

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I will be hosting some live events so I can share this process in person. Please stay tuned I will be posting more information on these upcoming events.

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