Get better results in 2014

Like most athletes, my fitness goals have changed over time and one of the keys to achieving the success I want from my body now, require that I stick to the same key training principles I learned long ago as a competitive athlete.  Following these key principles, no matter what your level of fitness, will maximize results and reduce or eliminate the risk of getting injured.  Several elements that I make sure to include when planning a typical week of training include;

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Are you giving your body the proper tools it needs to maintain it balance?

I help athletes like you to restore whole body strength and flexibility balance by identifying and correcting existing imbalances. This process helps you to be able to train much closer to your true potential, while at the same time eliminating training related injuries.  Your strength and flexibility balance plays a huge role in helping you to reach your true training potential in your favorite sports.

While this balance is critical we must not forget about our bodies nutritional balance.  I personally have been taking vitamins and supplements since I was about 5 years old, thanks mom!

Over the past year or so I have been using a line of products call ISOTONIX  nutraceuticals which are some of the best nutritional supplements on the planet.  I make sure I fuel my body on a daily basis and make sure I am using the best supplements out there.

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