Kaehler Core™ (Formerly Body Band-It)

Kaehler Core™

Breakthrough PRs with Column Core Training


The Kaehler Core (formerly the Body Band-It™) will quickly improve your core strength and increase strength and mobility in your arms and legs using quick 15 to 20 minute workouts several times per week.

Athlete’s are amazed at how quickly their speed or intensity improves, up to 16%, with a simultaneous reduction in training related injuries.


5 Kaehler Core™ Advantages

  • Safe on joints

  • Develops your most powerful core

  • Strengthens the spine as a column to reduce back injury risk improving arm and leg power and mobility

  • Quickly increases power and strength and enhances performance

  • Mimics many different sporting movements and targets weak and inflexible muscles

Only $499! For a limited time the Kaehler Core will be offered at this special price plus shipping. Offer comes with a starter set of resistive bands. Additional resistive bands are extra.

Kaehler Core Brochure

View the Kaehler Core Brochure

Call us today at (267) 968-2900 to order you Kaehler Core!

Your own mobile gym for

less than the typical cost of a yearly gym membership

Core Training when and where you want it

Try The Kaehler Core™ out for 30 days and if you don’t like it send it back. The Kaehler Core comes with a 12 Month Guarantee for part breakage from normal use. Shipping not included. See website for complete details.

Column Core Training™

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