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Endorsement Statement – 2 K Erg Program 


At age 68, 2014 was my fourth consecutive year participating in the CRASH-B IRC.   I had learned that two awesome international rowers were going to be competing in my category.  My goal was to get on the podium with them.  To do that, I knew that I’d have to prepare more diligently than ever. 

Since I had had good results following Coach Kaehler’s Body Balance Assessment two years earlier, I decided to try his 12-Week Erg Training Program which is specifically geared to getting optimum results in a 2k race.

 I did the six sessions a week erg training option and started 84 days before the race.  The workouts were varied and interesting, designed to address different physical systems. They alternated shorter maximum power pieces and longer steady state sessions.  There were regular interval training pieces, simulated tests at race pace, and mandatory rest days.

 A key principal of the program is that a personal threshold is established early on and adjusted as fitness increases.  This enabled me to benefit from the same program that an elite athlete might follow, with the assurance that the workload was always challenging yet geared to my age and fitness level. 


Coach Kaehler kept in touch via email and was very encouraging throughout the training.

 I completed the 84 days of erg practice logging 840,000 meters.  On race day I felt confident and prepared.  The numbers tell the story — I made it onto the podium 6.3 seconds ahead of fourth place.  My time was 6.9 seconds faster than the previous year! 

 I totally credit Coach Kaehler’s well-designed program with the outcome and I plan to follow it again next year with the addition of the strength-training component to help me reach my next goal — a personal record 2k time at age 69.


Barbara Hogan – 2014 CRASH – B  –  Bronze Medalist (65-69 Age Group)



 Now that the season has come to an end, I wanted to write a success story for you.  Over the past year since I met with you for the body balance assessment,  I have done my stretching and strength exercise, followed your winter erg training program, used the Sprint Training program and used the Head Training Program.  The results have been superb!  I have lost 17 pounds, improved by Polar Fitness score to the elite level and lost many of the aches and pain that bothered me for years.  On the racing front, I was able to compete far more successfully than ever before – improving my results in sprint races and head races including the Head of the Charles and a second place finish in the Head of the Schuylkill masters double and mixed quad.  Pretty impressive results that I think will only get better as I complete a second year of training with your programs.

Many thanks Bob!


Gav – Master’s Rower (60+)


Summer Sprint, Head Race Programs

This past spring I started the Coach Kaehler sprint program and since then I have achieve my 2k PR on the water and won 4 Masters National Titles at both the sprint and head race championships.  The training program is challenging but it has the right level of effort to recovery that creates lasting performance improvements.  The other aspect of Coach Kaehler’s program that I like is the continuity from season to season.  In the past I never seemed to make a good transition from the sprint to head race season.  Often I found myself struggling for full potential during the early season head races.  The start of this year’s head race season I found myself more confident than any season before.  It is the solid day to day effort and the timing of the recovery periods of Coach Kaehler’s program that had me physically and mentally fit to race my best.   


       -Forrest  Sanders (TN)– Masters Rower

2k Erg Program

I’m 49 years old. I did Rob’s body balance clinic and 12 week erg program and medaled at 2012 CRASH – B. The erg program is demanding and it works. The medal is all the proof you need. The body balance is huge. Low back pain is gone. When it comes to things like surfing, skiing and cycling, I feel like a kid again. Those are real results. Rob said it would change my life and he was right. Biggest plus, I’m having a lot more fun! Thanks Rob.

                    -Patrick D. McAllister – Aspen, CO


I guess this is more of a thank you letter to Bob and head’s up to all you Master’s rowers out there. So, first and foremost… a sincere “THANK YOU” to you Bob!  Your 2k Erg and 2K on the water – body-balanced training programs, along with your calculated approach to ramping up my complete core fitness was without a doubt, incredible.  

 To the master’s rowers… I am nothing special as far as a rower goes, not an Olympian or anything of the sort, but Bob took my 6’05” 243 lb. frame in 3 months to 220lbs and helped me drop a sad 6:28 2k erg down to solid master’s score in the low 6 minute range at 38 years old.

(Click here for more on Warner’s story)

                         -Warner Bonner – San Diego, CA

Head Race Program


I wanted to thank you for helping me through HOCR this year. I used your training program that I had bought a few years ago and it had me in great shape for the race. Truly amazing. I feel like I need to send you a royalty every time I use it!

Also, congratulations on being honored at the Power Ten!

All the best,



“We wanted to be fitter … Bob was our teammate in 1992 and we trusted him to give us a program that would fit into the limited time we had, and be efficient and effective”


— Mary Mazzio, founder and CEO of 50 Eggs Inc.,

winner of the Masters W2X at the 2012 Head of the Charles, together with 20 year partner Cindy Matthes


Mary Mazzio, Founder and CEO of 50 Eggs Inc. (a film production company) and Cindy Matthes, a school teacher, have been rowing together at the Head of Charles since 1992.  The former U.S. National teammates recently celebrated their 20th anniversary competing at the prestigious Regatta with a solid first place finish in the Masters W2X event.

At the 2011 Charles Regatta, Mazzio and Matthes finished a respectable 3rd place, but according to Mazzio “were well off the winning pace.”

Looking to bridge the gap on their 2011 finish, the rowing duo turned to former U.S. National teammate, Bob Kaehler (Coach Kaehler) for a program that would be both effective and efficient given their small window for daily training.

For this dynamic duo, former world-caliber athletes and working parents, time balance was everything.

Mazzio is an award-winning documentary film producer — A Hero for Daisy, TEN9EIGHT, and the soon-to-be-released, Contrarian.  Fellow U.S. National team veteran Cindy Matthes is a school teacher and a formerly top-ten ranked (6th in the world) singles sculler (W1X).

“We were looking for something specific,” said Mazzio.  “We had only 1 hour and 15 minutes each morning.  The luxury of 2 hour workouts were long gone.  Bob reassured us that we could do his program successfully in our tight schedule.”

“The program was well thought out and very specific regarding rest,” continued Mazzio.  “We had (Bob’s) workout schedule.  No cheating in anything.  We committed to following it with no deviations.”

“This was a little more volume than our previous program,” added Matthes.  “But once we started doing the work, we realized that it wasn’t too much for us.  Adding the dynamic warm-up routines was also really helpful.”

The pay-off was evident.  Although both Mazzio and Matthes felt “wasted” in their first couple of weeks, both started to “acclimate” by the 6th week and felt “noticeably fitter.”

After their win at the 2012 Charles, Matthes said they “felt fitter and were very happy with the results.”  Of Coach Kaehler’s program, Matthes added, “give it a try, and trust the program.”

Looking ahead, Mazzio adds, “we want to build on the base we have, and shave off more time.  Peak at the Charles.  That’s our goal.”


Hello Coach Kaehler,

 My fall race season was a success, thanks to your Head Race Program! At the Head of the Fish this past Saturday, I improved my split time by 22 seconds per 500 meters, as compared with last year racing in the same event and boat. I am very, very pleased!

 Will you be offering the ADD-ON special for the 12-Week Erg Program for $89 to those customers who have already purchased the Head Race Program?

Thank you in advance,

Noelle Stock, MS, RD, ACE
Registered Dietitian (RD)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)

Master’s Rower Finds Fall Success!

Before I started the 12 Week Head Race Program, I had been out of rowing shape for about a year. I had been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease during that period and it had really affected my ability to train safely. After I had gotten off my antibiotic treatment I was very weak. I wanted to get back into competitive rowing and was looking for programs that were tailored to help me succeed. After finding Coach Kaehler’s 12 week head racing program, I immediately saw results in my times! The program was intense and I loved every work out! I’m happy to say I ended the fall 2012 season with 2 medals and I plan on continuing Coach Kaehler’s programs for the winter and spring seasons ahead! 


Deeba Z.  – Masters Rower


Convenient, Efficient and Complete – No guess-work involved

“I could put together a program, but I’d end up missing workouts, shifting things around, then straining a muscle, or going weeks without seeing improvements . The workouts are definitely hard, but I see improvements.   I now feel confident in my training.   Therefore I’ll feel confident when I have to perform.”

                     – Chris Ahrens,  World and Olympic Champion- NY, NY

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