Body Balance – Evaluation Process

Do You Suffer From Training Related Pain? Or Do You Feel Like You Are Less Flexible and Losing Power?


Are You Confident In Your Current Training Program?

  • Do you have recurring overuse injuries that have failed to get better using traditional medical treatment?
  • Do you have recurring pain that prevents you from performing certain activities related to your favorite sports?
  • Are You Doing A Bunch of Random Strength and Flexibility Exercises Without Seeing Any Real Results?
  • Do You Find That You Are Losing Power and Flexibility, Or That You Are Not Making Any Real Progress With Your Current Program?
  • Are You Frustrated That You Cannot Correct Your Technique No Matter How Hard You Try, or How Many Times Those Errors Have Been Pointed Out By Your Coaches?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be experiencing the tell-tale signs of body balance deficiencies. 

The fact is that almost all training related injuries are created by your flexibility and strength imbalances, and unless you correct them your technique will never improve by using the same old drills!

As an elite athlete, Bob Kaehler trained with several of the world’s leading rowing coaches including Igor Grinko, Mike Spracklen and Mike Teti.  While Kaehler was able to remain injury-free during his 10 years training on the U.S. national team as an open-weight rower, he observed a consistent and almost alarming rate of injuries among his teammates who suffered from chronic injuries.  Unable and often unwilling to take time off of training, most athletes trained through their injuries.  In these situations, their bodies’ made “compensatory movements,” which not only aggravated the original injury, but also stressed other parts of the body and lead to further injuries.

The bottom-line was clear: injuries became chronic, and greatly impaired the athlete’s ability to perform their activity to their potential.

“By applying my Principles of Body Balance to their own routines, athletes don’t have to settle for “pushing through” an injury – a common practice that leads to more frustration and aggravated injuries.”

Years later, as physical therapist, Kaehler noticed similar trends and tendencies among athletic patients from a broad range of sports.  Furthermore, many of these patients had exhausted a variety of conventional treatments, and were still dealing with recurring injuries.  Combining his cumulative experience as a physical therapist, elite athlete, and strength conditioning expert, Coach Kaehler developed a system that took an alternative approach to addressing an athlete’s injury.  This approach became the foundation of Coach Kaehler’s Body- Balanced system.

“Athletes are usually aware they have an imbalances.  They just don’t know what their imbalances are.”

Coach Kaehler now applies these principles to his evaluations of musculoskeletal systems to determine where imbalances exist – areas where muscles are weak and inflexible.  Based on his findings, he develops an easy-to-follow program of corrective exercises for athletes to integrate into their own training programs.  Using this body-balanced approach, athletes build a solid foundation, and actively participate in their recovery.

The benefits of working to approach your ‘ideal’ body balance are three-fold:

  • You recover from training related injuries.
  • You regain confidence in your abilities and often achieve exceptional training and race results.
  • Your technique  automatically gets better  because you now have better strength and flexibility which is what is the cause of most technique errors.


What clients are saying:

“Using Bob’s approach, I felt myself becoming fitter, better coordinated and less prone to injuries.  It’s now the program I use to work out with my elite lightweight rowers at Pocock.” – Bryan Volpenhein, Olympic and world champion rower

“6 months into (Coach Kaehler’s program), I have achieved results that I hadn’t seen since 2000.  There is no better investment for a Masters Athlete who wants to improve their game.” — Jamie Koven, world champion rower, 1x, 8+

“As a strength and conditioning coach, I am inspired by Coach Kaehler’s knowledge of muscle imbalances and how he is changing the way coaches train their athletes.” – Patrick Rufo, Head Coach, Penn AC Gold

Coach Kaehler’s Clients Include:

  • HUNDREDS of Individual Rowers (just like you) From all Around the US and Canada
  • NFL – Players
  • US Men’s National Team 2013
  • US Women’s National Team,  2013
  • US Men’s 2008 Eight Rowing Team, Beijing – Bronze Medal Winners
  • US Men’s 2008 Four Rowing Team, Lucerne World Cup – Bronze Medal Winners
  • Harvard University, Men’s Heavyweight Rowing Team
  • Harvard University, Men’s LW and Women’s Team
  • Cornell University Rowing Team
  • University of Virginia Women’s Rowing Team
  • University of Michigan, Women’s Rowing Team
  • University of California (CAL), Berkeley- Men’s Varsity Crew Team
  • Stanford University Women’s Rowing Team 2012-13
  • Northeastern University, Women’s  Rowing Team
  • Georgetown University – Men’s and Women’s Programs
  • St. Joe’s University Men’s and Women’s Programs
  • Temple University Men’s Team
  • Michael Stolper, 2008, 2009 – Head of the Charles Gold Medal Winner
  • Pocock Rowing Center, Seattle, WA – Elite Lightweight Men and Women
  • St. Joseph’s Preparatory School – Men’s Varsity Crew Team
  • Penn AC Gold –2010 Competitive six week Junior Rowing Camp
  • Vesper Boat Club – Elite Team
  • Rutger’s University – Women’s Program

Coach Kaehler’s Body-Balanced Services

Now, you too can experience the benefits of Coach Kaehler’s Principles of Body Balance first-hand through a variety of his programs.

Body Balance Structural Evaluations (3.0) Hours Individual sessions)

Body Balance enables athletes to row more powerfully and avoid injury by shifting stresses of the rowing stroke away from the low back and other joints, toward proper support muscles.  Coach Kaehler’s 180 minute one-on-one Body Balance evaluations help athletes understand and correct their specific flexibility and strength imbalances to achieve a longer, more powerful and balanced rowing stroke.  These sessions are followed by a personalized program of easy-to-follow exercises that address and correct the athlete’s structural issues.

Use this simple, but highly effective system to improve your performance and enjoy rowing to your potential.


( or 267-968-2900)


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