Kaehler Method ™

Giving all you’ve got, day in and day out,

but still getting nowhere?  Or worse yet are you tired of dealing with recurring injuries?

“If You’ve Got 20 to 30 Minutes a Day (3 to 5 times per week)…
I Guarantee (if you actually follow through) I Can Transform
Your Body And Get You Real Training Results, The Ones You’ve Been Looking For”  I Can Show You The Way But You’ve Got to Do The Work

–       Are Nagging Injuries Hampering Your Training?
– Are Your Times Getting Slower Instead of Faster?
– Worried That You Are Going To Get Injured, Again?
– Dreading Those Long Workouts?

–       Tired Of Inconsistent Results?

–       Feel Like You Are Inflexible?

Finally, A Sure Way To Not Only Improve Your Speed and Power But Also Make You More Resistant To Training Related Injuries
And Be Able To Maintain Your Training Momentum Without Any Set Backs…So You Can Feel Great Again When You Are Training And Racing.
Return To Your Best Form And Be In Total Control Of Your Body…Build Your Confidence So You Are Consistently In Top Form.  You Will Never Go Back To Your Old Training System That Was Like A Rollercoaster Ride Up and Down.

Train Like Nobody Else So You Can Race Like Nobody Else!

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
(and it’s not some ridiculous brace or crazy training program!)


Imagine the satisfaction you’d get from knowing that you are training your strength and flexibility in a way that will finally get you real results, FAST…Eliminate the stress of not knowing what you should really be doing and start increasing your power and efficiency so you can REALLY enjoy your training and racing again, like it should be and all the while you will be getting faster and reduce the risk of energy sapping injuries.

Well, if it can happen for these people, you too can get rid of that feeling of frustration and start becoming far more productive and effective and boost your training results...

Using Bob’s KAEHLER METHOD ™ approach, I felt myself becoming FITTER, better coordinated and less prone to injuries.  It’s now the program I use to train my athlete’s as we prepare for the world championships and Olympics.” – Bryan Volpenhein, Olympic and World Champion Rower, and US National Rowing Team Head Coach

This is the power of using a system built on sound principles, and leveraging it to allow your body to reach its fullest potential…

“He’s the real thing.  I’m a believer.— Dr. Rush Fisher,Chief Spinal Reconstructive Surgeon, Christiana Spine Center.Dr. Rush Fisher has been an avid athlete his entire life.An injury from a skiing accident in his late teens left him with a separated AC joint, and a chronic shoulder condition.   Later, as captain of his undefeated lightweight crew team at Dartmouth, Fisher learned to adapt to his weakened shoulder by rowing starboard and “avoiding certain lifts.”Fisher recently returned to rowing after a 20-year hiatus.  In the summer of 2010, he consulted Bob Kaehler (Coach Kaehler) for technical advice.From the perspective of both a spinal reconstructive surgeon and athlete, Dr. Fisher comments on his experience with Coach Kaehler.

“I was blown away. Bob was definitely onto something. (Initially) I consulted Bob to get some direction on my rowing.  But he told me that I’ve got to have the proper tools (flexibility and strength balance) to do it well.”

From this point, their focus shifted from technique to “tools” – Fisher’s chronic and limiting shoulder condition and overall Body Balance.

I was very surprised.  I’ve had many consultations regarding my shoulder. Bob nailed it!

Bob’s Body Balance program has pretty much eliminated my 20-year shoulder pain.  I’ve also noticed more efficiency on the water. And that my back no longer bothers me after long stretches in the O.R.”

Of Coach Kaehler’s credentials, Fisher comments:

“Bob has worked with some of the nation’s leading orthopaedic surgeons.

He understands that endurance sports demands and rewards repetition in order to gain perfection. And that this repetition can cause harm if not properly balanced.  He also understands that each muscle works more efficiently in synergy if the body is in balance.  With this in mind, Bob has developed his Body Balance program that addresses and corrects existing imbalances, and allows athletes to attain their potential.”

But if you don’t take action to fix your imbalances then…

Your current strength and flexibility imbalances will probably stay the same or get worse, sometimes…MUCH worse!

If you are struggling with recurring injuries or just seem stuck and not making any improvements with your training and race results, or actually find you are getting slower then;

By setting aside just 15 to 30 minutes per day to work on the things you really need to be working on, I’ll show you how to improve your strength and flexibility that will change the way you train forever.

And come race day you will be the envy of all your training buddies if you are willing to set aside the time to use this powerful body balance system…

My name is Bob Kaehler, and as a Body Balance expert I help endurance athletes just like you discover and correct individual strength and flexibility imbalances that allow them to get faster, stronger, and more resistant to injury.  This program will allow you to train less and be more time efficient while getting better results.

I’ve earned my reputation by helping hundreds of endurance athletes – with problems just like yours – learn how to train the right way using my powerful body balance system.  Aside from restoring athletes back to pain-free training in a short period of time (average six weeks) many of these clients also quickly hit personal best times.  This process works whether you are injured or not and the goal is to shift your body strength and flexibility balance to the right…



INJURY                                                                                                                                                                PEAK PERFORMANCE


How did I create this unique system?

If you’re in the rowing world, chances are you know me as a three-time Olympian and four-time world champion athlete.  I previously owned a physical therapy practice (2001-2008, with three locations) which was affiliated with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in NYC.

Prior to opening my own PT clinics, I practiced physical therapy both at HSS (18 months) and The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) in Philadelphia (six years).   I was fortunate to work with some of the finest physicians in the United States while being affiliated with HSS and HUP.  Being exposed to some of the most complicated orthopaedic clients helped me develop the body balance system I now use with all of my private individual and group clients.

Four years ago, I decided to sell my interest in my physical therapy practice to focus my energy and experience on helping endurance athletes move to the next level.  You might ask why I would leave a stable and lucrative practice to start a risky new venture.

To this, I have one clear answer: it is because my real passion is helping athletes like you to excel.

I started working with endurance athletes on a regular basis in 1998.  I realized early on that my real career passion was to not only help athletes train pain-free, but also to help them to excel.

Around the same time, I began developing my Body Balance Evaluation.  About four years into the refinement of my System, I encountered a 29 year-old British runner.  He came to get therapy for a chronic recurring case of Achilles tendinitis.  His only interest was to be able to run 5 to 10 miles, three or four times a week, without getting re-injured.  I should explain, however, that this client was no ordinary runner.

He was a junior world champion in the 800 meter event.

At 18 years-old, this runner started to develop recurring Achilles tendonitis.  Over the course of the next four years, he suffered multiple episodes of the tendonitis, and saw many of the leading sports orthopaedic physicians in Britain, with no success treating his recurring condition.  He was fitted with the best orthotic shoe wear and went through repeated cycles of physical therapy — all to no avail.

At 22 years of age, his physicians told him he would never be able to run again, and that he should give up on his ultimate dream of competing at the Olympics.

Fast forward seven years. I worked with him for two treatment sessions.  During the first session, I ran him through my Body Balance Evaluation Process.  During the assessment we found extensive flexibility and weakness issues.  He lived about 35 to 40 minutes away, and felt unsure that therapy would work based on the previous failures while he was still trying to compete.  I saw him one more time to review his program about six weeks after the initial body balance evaluation.

Four or five months later, he called me to “thank (me) so much for giving back (his) running.”  At that point, his condition had improved so much that he was able to run 8 to 10 miles per session, three to four times per week, with no issues.

If only someone had really taken the time, while he was competing, to discover the imbalances that was the real causes behind his Achilles tendon issue.  Instead, the specialists just treated his symptoms.  This athlete will never know what could have been.

It was heart breaking to hear how a junior 800m world champion was told to give up running at 22 years of age.  Hard to believe!  The only real solace for him was that he was able to return to his passion of running, even though it was seven years later, and his Olympic dreams gone.


As you can see from the testimonial boxes placed throughout this letter, my advice and strategies have created many success stories and praise. But  really I have just uncovered these powerful ideas and solutions and  I’ve brought them to you because the fact is I cannot see everyone out there… and I want to share this powerful system with as many endurance athletes as possible because I can only work with so many one-on-one clients.  You see I am sharing the same powerful tools and ideas with you…

Does the simple fact that I’ve helped so many endurance athletes to excel and for many to be able to train pain-free on a consistent basis mean I can help anyone? Yes and no.

I can help the athlete who is willing to actually work on the basics, who is able to set aside some training time to work on these very specific strength and flexibility exercises.  Sure you are going to have to sacrifice some road time but the benefits far outweigh the lost road time.  So there are some who just won’t commit the time to this detail work… good luck.

Without taking this important step all endurance athletes are limiting their true potential and increasing the risk of training related injuries.  This program contains many of the key exercises I use when working with my private clients who come to see me from all over the US and Canada.

So you have to ask yourself this question.  Am I getting in my own way when it comes to my training and race success?

Are You Doing Training That May Actually Be Slowing You Down or Increasing Your Injury Risk?  Or Are You Skipping Some Key Exercises That Would Boost Your Performance?

This is a critical question that you MUST ask yourself. Then sit back and really think about the answer. You could very well be fighting against yourself and undermining not only your training and race results but that you are likely also increasing the risk of getting injured.

But it’s not your fault… You really thought you were doing the best training you could do and then the small daily aches and pains starting showing up.  You began to add yoga, Pilates, Crossfit, or other current training program fads to your daily routine.  These new training methods would certainly eliminate your newest aches and pains.  But the results were not exactly what you had expected and your symptoms really did not improve with all the extra effort.  Now you are trying to put out these fires that you are really not qualified to put out.  After all, if you didn’t solve all of these training problems you’re faced with on a regular basis, who would?

You might feel like your back is up against the wall. Dealing with every new round of those fires that pop up the only way you know how, you get in there and do what you can. But in many cases, it’s not enough. Things continue to get worse… and you just don’t know where to turn.

Well, there is a better way…




Eliminate training related pain while dramatically improving your race performance all in a matter of weeks!

Identifying and correcting specific strength and flexibility deficits is the KEY to significantly increasing your training and racing SUCCESS!

It sounds hard to believe that you can make changes that quickly, but once your specific deficits are clearly identified, you can IMMEDIATELY start correcting them.

Are you tired of feeling tight and sore after every training session, frustrated with spending months going to therapy and still not be able to return to regular training?

Without a specific “holistic” training plan that is geared to the rigors of endurance training chances are you will remain on the sidelines…. unnecessarily!

Wouldn’t you be happy to be able to go faster and have less pain at the same time?

Having a so called “core” program or what I call a “foundation” program that has been is designed specifically for you will not only get the results you are after, but will eliminate the need to do all the other things (yoga, Pilates) you may have added to your already super busy schedule.

Now, imagine that you can start doing a strength and flexibility program that is specifically designed for you.  Wouldn’t it be great to get right to work on the things that are holding you back from your true potential?

Are you are experiencing any of the following?

  • Training related pain that has failed to get better using traditional medicine (PT, chiro, shots, surgery)
  • Suffer from low back pain before and/or after training
  • Tightness  in your hamstrings during and/or after training sessions
  • Feeling like the” brakes” are on when you are training.
  • Difficultly generating any speed during workouts
  • A recent feeling that you are suddenly slowing down with training and racing.
  • Suffer from recurring or shifting injuries.
  • Concerned that certain workouts will potentially cause an injury.
  • Difficulty or pain with squatting
  • Avoidance of weight training from fear of being injured.
  • Never seem to be able to correct your technique no matter how much you focus

Assuming that you do not have a structural problem (i.e. acute herniated discs, bone-on-bone arthritis, etc.), then it is highly likely that your flexibility and strength are now too far out of balance, and are creating your current condition.

As you move further away from your ideal balance (flexibility and strength) your risk of injury increases while performance decreases.  Even if you do have previously diagnosed orthopaedic problems by working specifically on your strength and flexibility issues you will reduce stresses to those areas.

The KEY is that you REALLY understand what all your deficits really are.

Would you like to feel confident again with your training, and if you are suffering from training related pain, be able to not only eliminate it but potentially PR with your results then you need to read on.

Having evaluated thousands of physical therapy patients, and over the past four years having taken more than 1,000 endurance athletes through my Body Balance Evaluation Process (BBEP), I have refined this powerful system which will help you get back on track quickly with or without an injury history.

Once you learn the secrets of how to correct your specific deficits, you will finally have the tools necessary to get REAL results that you have always desired.

The Body Balance Evaluation Process is a comprehensive two-hour process that will identify your KEY deficit areas, so we can then build a specific program just for you.

The Body Balance Evaluation Process Will;

  • Identify your specific flexibility deficits as they relate to your sport(s)
  • Identify your specific strength deficits that not only reduce performance but lead to injuries
  • Give you a specific corrective exercise plan that you will IMMEDIATELY start.
  • Teach you how and why your deficits lead to a reduction in performance and possibly injuries.
  • Teach you how these powerful corrective exercises are the base of everything else you do.

CALL or EMAIL ME NOW TO GET STARTED 267-968-2900 or coach (at) coachkaehler.com.   WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!


What is even more incredible is that you can get dramatic results in just a matter of weeks (four to eight), even for those who start out with chronic training related pain.

It might be hard to imagine that you could go from “pain to a racing PR in such a short period of time but that is just what happened to Megan, and many other clients Coach Kaehler has run through this powerful process.   Please read through her powerful testimonial to better understand how you too can be transformed.



In rowing terms, Megan’s story is a familiar one.  Megan is a varsity rower on a nationally top-five ranked high school team based in Pennsylvania.  Megan suffered from severe back pains that greatly limited her ability to participate in key components of her team’s winter training program.  Confused yet determined to help his daughter, Megan’s father, Mike, consulted several medical specialists including a pediatric sports doctor and an orthopedic surgeon.  Unfortunately, both doctors were unable to relieve Megan’s back pain.

Frustrated, Mike took Megan to one last orthopedic surgeon who then referred them to Coach Kaehler.

“Bob’s reference from an orthopedic surgeon carried a lot of weight,” said Mike. “As a parent, I just wanted to see my daughter be able to continue and progress in a sport she loves.

During our first conversation with Bob, he said that he would need one assessment, and that he was convinced that she would be able to return to rowing in a certain period of time.  I was so impressed: he delivered on all his promises.

He did identify the problem; he did it in one meeting; and she did recover in 6 weeks.  Best of all, (shortly after) Megan PR’d when she took her 2K erg test.

I felt like he was really looking out for my daughter.”

Regarding the evaluation, Mike commented,

“As Bob walked us through the assessment, he explained the dynamics of the muscles used in rowing and erging – everything made sense.”

Of their overall experience working with Coach Kaehler, Mike had this to say:

“Bob’s own track record, both as a medical professional and as a world-caliber athlete, made him more credible.  Bob instilled in Megan a level of confidence to carry out the exercises and return to competitive rowing.

Bottom line: as a parent, I’m tremendously relieved that my daughter can now return to rowing – both competitive and as an activity that she can enjoy for the rest of her life.  Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Coach Kaehler to any rower having (training-related) issues.”


Your time is valuable and I will bet you want to make sure you are doing the most effective and efficient exercise program.  But how do you know if the latest exercise fad is really going to help, or are you getting the most out of your Pilates or Yoga programs.    So instead of using what I call the “shotgun approach” to exercise, you will now be armed with the EXACT program you need, to get the most powerful and exact results.

Body Balance sets the table for everything else you do in your training.  Without working on your balance you are always training at a sub-optimal level.


Body Balance Structural Evaluation

This comprehensive 120 minute one-on-one evaluation process starts with a 40-to-45minute full body assessment where we scrutinize your bodies’ flexibility and strength fitness as it relates to your endurance sport.   Once your target deficits are identified the remainder of the session is spent teaching you how to do your new “homework”.  Yes, you will have homework to begin rebuilding your body.  Your new “base” will not only make you faster and stronger, but also more injury resistant.  To ensure follow through each participant receives written instructions (with pictures) on how to properly do the corrective exercises.

These one-on-one sessions are done at Transcend Sports Training Facility in Wrightstown, PA 18940.  Since you have a busy schedule I can see you on weekends, evenings, or even during weekdays. Please indicate what works best for you and feel free to contact me directly to get more information.

CALL or EMAIL ME NOW TO GET STARTED 267-968-2900 or coach (at) coachkaehler.com.   WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!

Use this simple, but highly effective system to improve your performance and start reaching for your true potential, with or without an injury history.

This is not medical treatment.  If you are experiencing long standing pain with training make sure to see your physician first. This process works best if you have failed to get better using traditional medical treatment.



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