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Body Balance Evaluation/and On-The Water Analysis (email for pricing): Athletes first go through my Body Balance Evaluation which is immediately followed by a session on the water (4 miles from Wrightstown,PA).   You are then shown how your identified imbalances from the BBE limit your potential in the boat, and you are shown the best corrective drills to begin using immediately.  Working on your imbalances on land, with your corrective exercises, and on-the-water with specifically identified drills you can quickly make dramatic changes in your speed and performance.  This session takes about 4.0 hours.

**On the water coaching is available from April 1 – November 15th.  This process can also be done on the ergometer as well.

Body Balance Evaluation/ and One-on-One Strength Training Session (email for pricing): This combination session is an excellent way to begin correcting your identified flexibility and strength imbalances, while learning how to implement a strength training program.  My strength training programs are built for rowing, running or triathlon, and use my Body Balance system to help you reach a maximum level. This session last about 3.0 hours.



Dynamic Balance Training: Instructional Program:

This 3-hour program includes a 60-minute Power Point presentation that focuses on the basics of body balance and how it relates to rowing.  The presentation is followed by a hands-on instructional session where the key “foundation” or “core” exercises are properly instructed and performed by each participant.   Hand books will be given out that include a copy of the power point lecture, as well as pictures and text on how to do key body balance exercises.   Maximum of 8 athletes.  Call for team/group appointments.   I can come to you!

  • Power Point Lecture on “Body Balance”
  • Understand what the “core” really is, and how to train it properly!
  • Review of basic anatomy and function as it relates to “Body Balance”
  • Hands-on Instruction on proper “Body Balance” exercise techniques
  • Understanding of key principles of the “Dynamic Body Balance System”
  • Improve your power, strength, and balance and  incorporate it into all of your training
  • Dynamic Balance Training significantly reduces the risk of training related injuries!
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