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January 10, 2011


Balance is the key to a powerful body and system!!

My unique strength training products are an integration of different training methods that have been carefully designed using principles of Body Balance.   There are four levels to this program and each is very challenging.  The original program (Level 4) was designed for the US Men’s Sweep Team (Bronze Medal 8+) in 2007-08 in preparation for the Beijing Olympics.

Over the past 20-years I have personally evaluated (using my Body Balance approach) more than 500 endurance athletes, and have helped them to restore their own Body Balance.   Imbalances of weakness, inflexibility, or both, occur in all athletes.  These imbalances reduce your strength and power potential, and are most often the cause of training-related injuries.

Each of my unique strength training programs (Levels 1–4) includes specific Body Balance exercises.  These Body Balance exercises are strategically woven into all the programs (Levels 1-4) to enhance your strength and power gains, and significantly reduce your risk of training-related injuries!

LEVEL 1: Level 1 is an introductory program. It’s ideal for athletes just starting out with a lifting program, or who have not lifted for more than 4 months. Each workout includes new exercises added in a sequential manner to help you develop correct movement patterns and base strength. As the program progresses, Coach Kaehler adds more complex movements to the workouts. The program builds a strong foundation for the Level 2 Program. This program comes with full video library that plays on all devices, including your iPhone or iPad.

LEVEL 2: Level 2 builds on Level 1 by adding more challenging routines.  It’s ideal for building a solid base for athletes of all levels.  This level does not include Olympic lifting movements.  This program comes with full video library that plays on all devices, including your iPhone or iPad.

LEVEL 3: Level 3 once again builds upon level 2, but also introduces some basic Olympic style lifting into the workouts.   It’s ideal for athletes who want to incorporate lifting into their workouts, and who already have some experience and an understanding of basic Olympic style lifting.  This program comes with full video library that plays on all devices, including your iPhone or iPad.

LEVEL 4: Level 4 is the most advanced level, and requires previous experience and a solid understanding of Olympic style lifting. In addition to building on level 3, the Level 4 program includes Olympic lifts as well as all the variations of Olympic lifting techniques. This program comes with full video library that plays on all devices, including your iPhone or iPad.


Conditioning programs based on Coach Kaehler’s principles of Body Balance.

Coach Kaehler takes the guess-work out of developing a conditioning program that works for you and your athletic goals.   These programs are carefully designed to help you:

  • Improve your strength,
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Build greater endurance
  • Reduce your risk of injury


Coach Kaehler has a singular perspective on conditioning.

His programs are based on scientific foundation, as well on his own experience training and succeeding as a world-caliber athlete (three-time U.S. Olympian and four-time World Champion rower).  To this combination he adds nearly two decades as a strength and conditioning specialist, and practicing physical therapist who’s worked alongside some of the nation’s leading spinal surgeons.

The sum total of all of his experience has lead to the development of four levels of Strength and Conditioning Programs that offer progressive, efficient, body-balanced, and most of all, effective solutions to meeting your athletic goals.


Coach Kaehler’s approach to conditioning involves the addition of exercises in a sequential order to help athletes develop correct movement patterns and base strength.  Further, each level builds upon the previous level, introducing you to more complex and challenging movements.

At the end of 12 weeks, you can either repeat the same program, or challenge yourself and progress to a higher, more technically and physically demanding level.


Realistically, few of us have unlimited time for our workout sessions.

With this in mind, Coach Kaehler carefully designed each workout to be efficient.  Be confident that your workouts will yield maximum results in reasonable time frames.


Based on his signature principles of Body Balance, Coach Kaehler’s workouts incorporate many of the same corrective and balancing exercises used successfully by hundreds of athletes.  These workouts are designed to make you stronger, fitter, more body-balanced, and less prone to injury.


These proven-effective programs have been used by athletes ranging from juniors to seniors, as well as masters through elite, including world and Olympic champions.   The programs have also been adopted by many of the nation’s leading athletic programs, including those at Harvard, CAL, and St. Joe’s Univ, Temple, Northeastern to name a few, as well as Vesper and Penn AC Rowing Clubs.

Select from four levels depending on your level of fitness and lifting experience.

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2 Responses to “Strength Training Products – Body Balanced”

  1. Jim Maguire on October 12th, 2011 11:45 am

    Interested in the 2K erg program.
    I am 60 years old. I rowed a 8:30 at the CRASH B in 2010 after erging for 6-7 months. Weigh 180ish. No health issues. What do you think you can do for me and can I see a sample or 2 of your workout?
    Thank you,
    Jim Maguire

  2. coach on October 12th, 2011 12:51 pm

    Hi Jim,
    I will gladly send you several sample sessions. Are you looking to improve your 2k erg for a big race? This program is designed with all the key elements (strength, power, flexibility, and cardio fitness) necessary to help you achieve your best result. While I design the workouts to be time efficient, this program does require a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a week if you really want to challenge your true potential. Training less than this can still lead to improvement but to a smaller level. Another area to consider here is that I include three “rest” periods in the 84 day erg program, and to get the peak result on race day (84) you have to be willing to take those prescheduled days off. My sample will not include that element because the sample will be only a week long. If you do not normally take of blocks of rest time in your regular training and would not be willing to do so then this might not be your type of erg program.

    In Appreciation,


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