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July 28, 2011

Hey just wanted to let you know I have a new 12-Week Head Race training program out.  It is the same system I used to help Michael Stolper win the Grand Master’s 1x at the HOCR and HOSR in 2008 and 2009 using nothing more than my training system.  Consistent, efficient, and well balanced training programs will lead to excellent results if the athlete simply follows through.  This unique program includes the main elements necessary to help you reach your maximum potential on race day.

I can tell you from personal experience, 2010 HOCR, that when you do not apply this powerful system you get lousy results.  Last year I over-committed myself to racing the Master’s 1x at the HOCR, and only trained on a sporadic basis where I skipped workouts and did not follow my own training program!  What’s the saying, practice what you preach, boy my head is still hurting from that race.  Anyway, if you are really committed to reaching a peak performance this fall on race day this program is for you.  All the planning is done all you have to do is execute.   The training portfolio is comprehensive and efficient so you can keep the rest of your life balanced and sane.  Here are

Hello Coach Kaehler,

 My fall race season was a success, thanks to your Head Race Program! At the Head of the Fish this past Saturday, I improved my split time by 22 seconds per 500 meters, as compared with last year racing in the same event and boat. I am very, very pleased!

 Will you be offering the ADD-ON special for the 12-Week Erg Program for $89 to those customers who have already purchased the Head Race Program?

 Thank you in advance,

Noelle Stock, MS, RD, ACE
Registered Dietitian (RD)
Group Fitness Instructor (ACE)


12 Week Head Racing Program:

I am excited to share with you the same training system that helped my clients win the HOCR and HOSR.  This new and unique 12-Week head race training program will maximize your training time and help improve your head racing results by giving you specific daily workouts that cover both cardiovascular and musculoskeletal components.  This 84-day program is designed with very specific rest periods that are necessary to reach a peak performance on race day.

The Training Portfolio Includes:

  • 12- Week Rowing Program (specific daily workouts)
  • Coach Kaehler’s – Dynamic Warm-Up Training Program ($17.95 value)
  • Coach Kaehler’s – 12 Week Strength Training Program for Rowers (choose level) ($49 value)
  • 8 -Key Drills and Assessments (Dartfish video analysis)
  • Flexible number of (six to 10)-workouts per week

**This is a CD (500MB) product and is mail order only.

To get the maximum impact this program is viable for races that are scheduled on or after October 17th, 2011.  If your race is prior to this date you will miss some of the 84 days of training.

Results vary based on individual commitment and level of skill.  This program is highly recommend to those who are willing to train hard and efficiently, willing to take-off on the designed rest days, and train a minimum of six sessions per week.



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