2011-12 Winter Erg Training Camp

November 14, 2011


WHERE: Transcend Sports Training Facility, Wrightstown, PA (Please feel free to tour the facility).  Each participant must join Transcend at the student rate to use the facility. ($35/month) November not included in the charge.


WHEN: November 27th, 2011 – February 12th, 2012

This is the third year Coach Kaehler will be holding this comprehensive winter training camp.  This Program is ideal for those wishing to improve their rowing strength and power, as well as improve on their current 2k erg.  The group size is limited to two groups of four (4) people, with three (3) being the minimum.  The small group size will maximize coaching for the athletes. To confirm please pay the $200 deposit that is refundable if someone replaces your spot or the camp does not reach three (3) participants.   Hurry and sign-up before this camp sells out.



  • Nine Training Sessions in small groups at Transcend (See dates below tentative to change)
  • Your own Copy of my 84 Day Erg Training Program ($197 Value) ( erg program, strength program, full video library)
  • Body Balance Evaluation or re-evaluation ($399 Value)
  • Corrective Exercise Program
  • Race Preparation
  • Training Tips
  • Hands-on-coaching


This program will combine on-site and off-site training into one. Athletes will get both hands on coaching as well as a comprehensive ergometer training program along with the full strength training program both on-site as well as at home.


SESSION 1 – 07:00 – 09:00 AM ( 4 spots remain)


SESSION 2 – 09:15 – 11:15 AM (SOLD OUT)


There must be at least two athletes in  a session for it to happen.

HURRY and REGISTER NOW as the five (5) remaining spots will not last long!!




Meeting Dates:


November   27

December   04

December   11

December   18

January        08

January        22

January        27** (Friday)

February      05

February         12**




Are you struggling to get your 2k erg score lower?  Unexcited about having to go through the another long season of training not knowing if using the same training system  will give you the improvement you need?  The fact is college rowing coaches use the 2k as the door opener, it has become the SAT of rowing.   See how my 84-Day Erg Training Program will:


Would like to improve your 2k erg by 10-to-20 seconds or more, while still being able to manage the rest of your life?  If you would like to have complete control and confidence in your 2k erg training program this winter, please keep reading.

Getting maximum improvement out of your training is easy if you have a comprehensive plan that covers the main areas that will lead to success on the ergometer.  Maybe it’s been a while since you felt strong on the erg.  Or, you may be in that happy minority that has done well on your 2k erg score, but still you are not where you want to be.   Most erg programs are designed for group training and do not address your individual deficits.

You see, success of reaching your true potential on the erg has a lot more to do with understanding what your real deficits are as an individual athlete, and then to start correcting them, and much more than just pounding out a bunch of meters each day.  After having done over 800 of my Body Balance Evaluations on athletes at all level (Olympic Champions to Junior Rowers) I have uncovered key areas that must be addressed not only to maximize your potential on the ergometer, but also to improve rowing strength and power and also to prevent or eliminate chronic training related injuries.


Each athlete will go through my Body Balance Evaluation Process


“During our first conversation with Bob, he said that he would need one assessment, and that he was convinced that she would be able to return to rowing in a certain period of time.  I was so impressed: he delivered on all his promises.   

He did identify the problem; he did it in one meeting; and she did recover in 6 weeks.  Best of all, (shortly after) Megan PR’d when she took her 2K erg test. 

–          Quote from Megan’s Father

(Megan – was in her junior season and was not able to train on the ergometer because of chronic low back pain that did not respond to traditional medicine. She went through my Body Balance Evaluation process and was able to return to rowing for her nationally known high school program in several weeks.)



Your competition is really within you!  Once you begin to understand and correct your deficits you will begin to see why these elements are so critical for your development.  The ergometer is relentless, and without proper body balance and rowing specific strength you will be operating at a sub-optimal level.   You will learn how to strength train with correct technique based on your current status.  Everyone is at a different level and needs to train where they are.  With small groups (maximum of four) each athlete will receive proper coaching on how to move based on their current flexibility and strength deficits.  Developing strength the right way is critical for improving power on the ergometer.

“Before (Coach Kaehler’s program), I thought I was a strong rower, compared to the club team.  It turned out I had a lot of weaknesses.  Not only did Coach Kaehler make me stronger, but he also gave me the tools to transfer this knowledge to the rowing stroke.”

Olivia McShea, (2010 – Junior Year HS)- Now rowing for last year’s NCAA Champions

Using Coach Kaehler’s three-month (84-day) training program Olivia subsequently dropped more than 20 seconds on her 2K score at the 2010 CRASH B’s.



Proper rest and recovery are also important in allowing the body to recover from hard but effective training.  This 84-day program has three rest periods built in to ensure you reach your peak on day 84 (CRASH-B’s).  Even if you are not racing in Boston, this will be your peak day to do your 2k!  If you will be training with your HS program this winter I will modify your training schedule to fit into what you are doing.


Going through a comprehensive program helps build confidence so when you get to race day you have left no stone unturned.  Over the 84-day program and the ten training session we will do together you will be taught some mental skill building techniques.  This is critical for a peak performance.


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