Continued – From Back Pain to Back on the Erg

May 9, 2012

High School Athlete PR’s using Coach Kaehler’s Body Balance Program

By Yasemin Watkins

The following is a testimonial from a parent, Mike, and his daughter, Megan, who wanted to share their Body Balance experience with other athletes looking for effective solutions to sports-related injuries.  At this time, they wish to keep the personal details (names, etc.) confidential between them and Coach Kaehler.

In rowing terms, Megan’s story is a familiar one.  Megan is a varsity rower on a nationally top-five ranked high school team based in Pennsylvania.  Megan suffered from severe back pains that greatly limited her ability to participate in key components of her team’s winter training program.  Confused yet determined to help his daughter, Megan’s father, Mike, consulted several medical specialists including a pediatric sports doctor and an orthopedic surgeon.  Unfortunately, both doctors were unable to relieve Megan’s back pain.

Frustrated, Mike took Megan to one last orthopedic surgeon who then referred them to Coach Kaehler.

“Bob’s reference from an orthopedic surgeon carried a lot of weight,” said Mike. “As a parent, I just wanted to see my daughter be able to continue and progress in a sport she loves.

During our first conversation with Bob, he said that he would need one assessment, and that he was convinced that she would be able to return to rowing in a certain period of time.  I was so impressed: he delivered on all his promises.

He did identify the problem; he did it in one meeting; and she did recover in 6 weeks.  Best of all, (shortly after) Megan PR’d when she took her 2K erg test.

I felt like he was really looking out for my daughter.”

Regarding the evaluation, Mike commented,

“As Bob walked us through the assessment, he explained the dynamics of the muscles used in rowing and erging – everything made sense.”

Of their overall experience working with Coach Kaehler, Mike had this to say:

“Bob’s own track record, both as a medical professional and as a world-caliber athlete, made him more credible.  Bob instilled in Megan a level of confidence to carry out the exercises and return to competitive rowing.

Bottom line: as a parent, I’m tremendously relieved that my daughter can now return to rowing – both competitive and as an activity that she can enjoy for the rest of her life.  Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Coach Kaehler to any rower having (training-related) issues.”

**Coach Kaehler’s Body Balance Process is not medical treatment, and he does not treat pain.   Body Balance issues are identified and corrected to allow restoration of powerful and pain-free training.   All of his client’s have gone through traditional medicine channels first and have been screened by a medial physician (M.D. or D.O.).

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