Who Am I

January 13, 2013

–         I eat, sleep, and breathe fitness, health, and human performance.  It has always made me tick.

–          I want to be the best I can be, and I will do the work necessary to make it happen.

–          I am a self-directed fitness and wellness nut who is always looking for a more efficient and powerful way to get a maximum result.

–          I am not a baby-sitter; I do not count reps, or hold hands (except with my wife and kids).

–          I am a believer that if you want to get real results then it is 100% up to you (my wife says I have no empathy).  Leave the excuses at the door.

–          I believe in, and personally use , high level coaches and mentors and consider them a must if you are trying to reach very high goals.  Many try to do it on their own but this will be a very hard road without them guiding you.

–          I understand that we need to share our experiences, which I enjoy doing, so we can reach back to those who need guidance, and reach forward to get needed help.

–          I now train with a real purpose which is to be fit enough to have the ability to do any activity of my choosing, and to be able to do it without even blinking my eyes at the physical requirements necessary.

–          I enjoyed conquering all the physical challenges I have encountered during my first 50 years, and am more excited about the next 50. Looking forward to dominating the road!

–          I never look for the easy way out and thrive on finding the most challenging physical activities, which few have the ability to play.

–          I am a super time efficient guy, and I am always looking for ways to make my training even more effective and fun.

–          I am willing to spend my time on things of real value and will always skip the fluff.

–          Stay away from the things the majority are doing, and continue to focus on what really matters, effective powerful work.

–          I never jump on the latest training fads and understand that willpower will soon fade. Things built on principles will always last, and I only work in that realm.

–          I always move slowly when assessing a fad and run it through principled analysis to see if it has true value.

–          I am a super disciplined guy, who according to my wife can be vanilla at times, is always looking to make training efficient, effective, and fun, and always based on sound principles.

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