Does your training include enough down work?

May 30, 2015


You are probably asking what the heck is down work and how do I know if I am doing any in my training.

I just shot a new video (3:01), yeah it is in the woods, and is the first of several videos describing some basic things you should think about when training.

The focus of the first video is on training in the up and down (vertical plane) and some simple points you need to consider when building out a program.

I have not lifted a weight in over seven years but I do strength train three to six times per week on the Body Band-it.

Whether you lift weights or not you must make sure you are including enough downward plane training repetitions in your regular training routine.  (knees-to-elbows, physio-ball curls are two examples of downward exercises)

Targeted strength training optimizes all your other training and results and really keeps you from getting injured no matter how hard you train. I use this process with all of my private clients.

Email me to TODAY to see how you can get your very own Body Band-it and start training like no one else.

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