Power, Posture, and Performance – 2K Erg Drill Video #2

October 18, 2016

Today’s video (#2) is a simple yet powerful drill that I show my client’s after I have taken them through my Body Balance Evaluation Process or “Kaehler Method” process.  I use this as a warm-up drill  before every rowing session.

To answer the above question, yes, posture does matter if your goal is to keep injury free and be more powerful. But what is good posture? You must understand your current whole body posture which is done by lying on a firm floor on your back where your arms are placed at your sides with thumbs up and your feet directly under your hips. Your spine curves in this position helps clarify your current “ideal spine position”. This position will change over time if you do specific strength and flexibility training, or not.

Your spine posture dictates your extremity positioning.


Ideal rowing posture varies depending on which coach you ask. I instruct my patients, following a rigorous hands on training session, to start working on building proper trunk strength and flexibility that will allow them to row as close to their “ideal spine posture” as possible.


The closer an athlete can get to their ideal position the better their performances will be. In addition injury risk is all but eliminated. It’s that simple.  Athletes must be willing to do some real work to move towards better posture and make permanent changes that become the new default posture.  It is easy to row with a rounded spine but that is a less effective position and leads to many rowing related injuries.




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