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Body Band-It Classes – January/February 2017

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January 15, 2017
Body Band-It Classes:

I will be holding three classes over the next several weeks. I have created a number of new exercises I will be sharing, plus lots of technique review will also happen during the class.


All Classes ($15) will be held at the Carousel CrossFit Gym located at 591 Durham Road, Newtown, PA 18940;


Class Time; 1 to 2pm

January 15th

January 29th

February 12th


Please double check with me before attending. I have several extra Body Band-Its if you cannot bring your own. Please let me know if you need one.


Feel free to bring a friend who might be interested in giving the Body Band-It a go.

I will also be holding my first Body Band-It certification class tentatively scheduled for February 25 or 26th. Please stay tuned for more information.




Please do share any successes you have had on the Body Band-It. Love to share your powerful stories to help others see the power of the Body Band-It. Email me directly.

Here is a recent story about the Body Band-It directly from the Head Women’s Rowing Coach at University of Rhode Island.




I have been using the Body Band-It™ with my team for two years.    I wanted to see if the “Body Band-It™” or weightlifting was more effective.   I had two groups throughout the winter.  One group just did the body band it and the other lifted free weights with our strength coach.     The group that did the Body Band-It™ were more efficient and always finished before the other group.    I (and the weight room group) noticed that the Body Band-It™ group’s erg scores were improving more than the weight room only group.   


I started to get athletes asking me if they could join the Body Band-It™ group!

I also use the body band it to help rehab injured athletes.   


I personally use the Body Band-It™ myself.    I noticed that I get a great work out.  Both the big and small muscle groups are used, which I never felt by doing free weights.  I also noticed that my muscles felt fatigued but not ripped or bashed up (like they felt from free weights) and I recovered much quicker from training sessions.   The Body Band-It™ also works on flexibility and full range of motion which is need in the sport of rowing.


Shelagh Donohoe

National team- World championships – two silver medals

Olympic Silver Medal

Head Rowing Coach



New Exercise VIDEO – Kettlebell Body Band-It Combination:


Please make sure you secure your feet properly to the Body Band-It foot board straps or newer version foot plates when doing the second exercise motion in the video. Otherwise the Body Band-It will move towards the ceiling.


Keep Training Smart and Have a Great Weekend!



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