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How to Eliminate the Top Five Triathlete Training Injuries – Part 2

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March 25, 2017
Transcend Fitness/Carousel CrossFit
591 Durham Road, Newtown, PA, United States, 18940

Wouldn’t you rather be a part of the 13% of athletes that are injury free? Back [Click Here]

Strength training without a plan is just indiscriminate training. How do you know where you are weak? And what exercises are actually eliminating injury risk not increasing it?

Strength training becomes very effective when you learn this one skill:  How to keep the spine stable when the arms and legs are moving resistance. This includes weights, resistance bands, or your body itself.

Here are some quick exercise videos that show you how to begin eliminating injuries by targeting weak and inflexible areas.

The Body Band-It design teaches your body how to stop the spine from moving when you apply loads to the arms, legs, or both, to make movement happen. The more you improve at this skill, the faster and more injury resistant you become.  And even better still, your body will work more effectively by eliminating energy leaks in the trunk as it becomes the non-moving platform for the arms and legs to work from and athletes simultaneously see significant and rapid improvement in PRs 

Work these exercises and begin to experience the results we’ve seen across triathletes, cross fit athletes, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, master’s athletes, Olympians, and national champions.

  1. Knee (25%)            -  [Eliminate Knee Pain - Running Striders ]
  2. Lower Leg (23%)    -  [Standing Hamstring Curl
  3. Lower Back (23%)  -  [Squat Down Strength Series]
  4. Shoulder                 -  [Squat Press/Shoulder Press]
  5. Upper Leg               -  [Effective Lunge Stretch ]


To accelerate your results and customize a personal program, please join me at webinar or an upcoming live demo to try out the Body Band-It for yourself.

Live Training Demos: Learn how to remain pain-free while training as hard as you like.

Upcoming Events:


March 25th (12pm -2 pm)

April 22nd (12pm – 2pm)


Transcend Fitness/ Carousel Crossfit – 591 Durham Road , Newtwon, PA 18940

Wear training clothes.

COST:  $49 Deposit which will be refunded when you attend the event. Space is limited to eight athletes.

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