2017 Interactive Head Race Program- Week 1

July 29, 2017

Here are the two links for the first week of the 84 Day Program

Week 1 Download     Master_Head_Racing_Month_2 1

Notation  Excel_Translation_12-week_program


Interactive 84 – Day  Head Race Program – No Weights [$97]

You will receive the Dynamic Warm-up via Dropbox after you make the purchase so please use best email address with PayPal purchase

Interactive 84 – Day  Head Race Program With Strength Program [$120]

You will receive the Dynamic Warm-up and Strength program via Dropbox after you make the purchase so please use best email address with PayPal purchase

Kaehler Core – Additional Information

March 14, 2017

Kaehler Core™     - www.kaehlercore.com

Column Core Training™

(Patented -Technology #9,205,976) – See Video Links Below or go to my YouTube Channel (coachkaehler)
INSTAGRAM Account:  @bodyband_it

Body Bandit – The Whole Body Exercising Device

“Train You Core Like You Never Have Before”

Tired of Having Weak Abs No Matter What Core Routine You Try? Or Just Bored With The Same Old Abdominal Routines That Just Never Seem to Get Real Results?

Well you are not alone in fact is most core exercise routines do little to improve your overall trunk control and are actually the reason back pain continues regardless of how hard you train.

In fact many fitness trainers continue to work their clients hard in the gym while they personally suffer from their own back or joint discomfort. It’s kind of scary!

So unless you can hire a world-class fitness trainer chances are you are just doing a bunch of hard random exercises that are not targeting areas you should be focusing on to not only improve your strength and power but also keep you injury free.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to train without the restrictions of having to hire a fitness trainer or spend all day at your expensive gym and still not get the results you deserve?

Well now you can get a super effective whole body training session done in as little as 10 minutes per training day and not only improve your strength and power but also improve your resistance to injury.  This can all be done spending as little as 90 minutes per week on the Body Bandit

Once You Experience The Body Bandit You Will Never Go Back to the Dark Side of Fitness Training Again.

In Fact It Has Been The Only Strength Training I Have Done For More Than Four Years. The Body Bandit Will Change Your Life Forever.

  • Incredible Abdominal/ Trunk Workout With Every Exercise You Do.

  • Trains Your Whole Body In as Little as 10 Minutes Per Session

  • Significantly Reduces Injury Risk While Living a Dominating Life.

  • Mimics Strength Training For All Sporting Movements.

  • Significantly Increases Whole Body Strength Without The Need to Lift Weights

  • Dramatically Improves PRs if You Do Lift Weights In As Little As Six Weeks.

  • Experience Trunk Control Like Never Before and Watch Your Performance Soar!

  • The Body Bandit’s Fixed Tube Design Creates Perfect Spine Alignment.

  • Restores Flexibility You Thought Was Lost Forever!

  • Gives You Confidence To Do What You Want Whenever You Want Without Concern of Getting Injured.

  • Quickly eliminates most back and joint discomfort in a matter of weeks.

  • Eliminate the need to pay monthly gym membership fees year after year.

The Body Bandit is lightweight (about 12 pounds) and can be stored under a bed. You can stick it in your car and take it with you when you travel so you can have your gym wherever you are driving.

Imagine being able to train your whole body in a powerful and effective way in just 10 to 15 minutes per day three to five times per week.

Take your Body Bandit with you to your favorite outdoor setting and quickly complete a whole body workout routine while immersed in nature’s beauty.

 The Body Bandit is a revolutionary strength and flexibility exercise training device that works on all the muscles you never train and keeps the ones you always train to continue to be super fit.

The Body Bandit’s unique design forces you to maintain your ideal spine position with many of the base exercise movements, then once you have built up good internal spine/trunk control you can move on to more advanced exercises.

The base exercises will jump start your bodies’ strength, power, and control and can be done by anyone at any sporting skill level.

All of exercises you do on the Body Bandit require full activation of your abdominal and trunk muscle system providing you with the ultimate abdominal workout.

What People Are Saying About the Body Band-it


I have been using the Body Band-It™ with my team for two years.    I wanted to see if the “Body Band-It™ or weight lifting was more effective.   I had two groups throughout the winter.  One group just did the body band it and the other lifted free weights with our strength coach.     The group that did the Body Band-It™ were more efficient and always finished before the other group.    I (and the weight room group) noticed that the Body Band-It™ groups  erg # were improving more then the weight room group.   
I started to get athletes asking me if they could join the Body Band-It™ group!
I also use the body band it to help rehab injuried athletes.   
I personally use the Body Band-It™ myself.    I noticed that I get a great work out.  Both  the big and small muscle groups are used, which I never felt by doing free weights.  I also noticed that my muscles felt fatigued but not ripped or bashed up (like they felt from free weights) and I recovered much quicker from training sessions.   The Body Band-It™ also works on flexibility and full range of motion which is need in the sport of rowing.  
Shelagh Donohoe
National team- World championships – two silver medals 
Olympic Silver Medal
Head Rowing Coach 


 I entered 3 events at Master Nationals and won all 3; and with no back pains –  had to be the body band-it! (I think I told you I herniated 3 discs a few years back).
As for Merion Mercy purchasing bandits, I think we could immediately use 5-8 of the bandits yet how do I get comfortable in teaching the proper movements and setting up the right programs?  If this comes with the acquisition then we’re ready to purchase immediately. 
Hey Bob,
I hope all is going well with you! I have been having some pain in my left hip flexor again since I stopped working with the body bandit. I was wondering if you could  if there was another Band-it you could lend to Transcend, so that I could continue training with it. I saw some incredible gains in strength, flexibility, and core strength while I was using the body bandit, and I would love to make it a regular part of my strength program again.
Thank you for all your help!
(** Tim used the Body Band-it for five weeks and his plateaued squat PR 0f #275 quickly  jumped to #320)

BB talk:

We were just talking to the captains about the rotation of the Body Bandits into our land training and just how flipping great they make the athletes feel and connected to the rowing stroke

        *Ivy League Coach (Multi-time National Champion Men’s Crew Coach)


It’s The Only Piece Of Strength Training Equipment You’ll Ever Need!

These Schools are Using The Band-it as Part of their Strength and Conditioning Programs:

Harvard University (4)

Syracuse University (4)

Cornell University (4) – (Ordering more for Fall 2016)

Williams College (8)

University of Rhode Island (4) – (Purchasing 4 more Fall 2016)

Fairfield University (2)

Georgetown University (1)

High Schools:

St. Joe’s Preparatory School (Philly) (16)

Merion Mercy HS (8)


Rehabilitation Facilities Using the Body Band-it:

Penn Therapy and Fitness – Good Shephard Penn Partners

3737 Market Street Location (1)

1800 Lombard Street Location (1)

are all using the Body Band-it along with MANY of my private clients.  You should be asking yourself why don’t you have a Bandit!  GET ONE NOW!  Call Me 267 -968-2900 to get more information!

Video Series Is Here (More Coming):

Quick Workouts: (Try these workouts to get a great workout in 3 to 6 minutes)

3x Knee-2- Elbow

Super Slow – Squats- Chest Press- Standing Row

Shoulder Blasters

Standing Supermans

Down Swings

Run – 3x

Squat – 5x

Press – 7x

Standing 210 Reps (9:00)


















You won’t make a performance jump until you do this!

January 23, 2017

Doing more squats, cleans, or squat centric training routines will not yield big performance changes until you have developed the ability to keep the trunk stable (in control) when moving the legs and arms underload. Learning this skill will not only better channel all that quad, glute, and lat power, it will also significantly reduce your injury risk with progressively loaded training programs.

Optimal training potential is uncovered by systematically training your trunk to provide a non-moving foundation for the extremities to work from and requires more specificity than seen with traditional “core” work.

Feeling and understanding the difference between controlling (no movement) the spine when the extremities are moving under load versus when the spine is allowed to move along with the extremities underload, is the key to optimizing athletic performance.  Without this “internal” feeling an athlete has no perspective between the two available options.

The evidence that an athlete has yet to master this spine control skill shows up as weakness and/or inflexibility in specific extremity muscles. I see this when I initially take athletes through my “Body Balance Evaluation Process” (1,500+ athletes). The other evidence manifest when athletes suffer from non-traumatic injuries (with progressive loading) or have recurring passive tissue stiffness in the discs and/or joints following more aggressive workouts. Everything clears up when athletes learn the control skill.

Imbalances quickly correct once an athlete gets the correct internal muscle activation feeling and starts mastering control.

Learning how to control your spine posture is a skill anyone can learn but requires constant training and activating the proper muscles to maintain control when training. Below is an excellent starter drill which start to have you become more aware of the only two options available.

In the VIDEO (slow motion) I show that you can maintain a completely upright spin, versus a slumped spine posture, through the finish and recovery with minimal loss of my natural spine position.

While I train spine control all the time and it has become second nature anyone can improve this posture. It does take a lot of strength and postural endurance to maintain this powerful position especially when rowing for longer periods of time, but the yield is a powerful finish that keep you connect all the way to the release.

Drill: 10 sets of (10 to 30 second on/ 10 seconds off) – VIDEO

Set-Up – Go to your finish layback position and then sit tall by setting your spine curves to your current standing posture. To better understand this posture (current spine curves) place your back, head and feet are against a wall.

Now start a pick drill and practice keeping your trunk absolutely still.  Initially it will challenging to hold the stable spine position when compared to the slumped spine finish. As you get stronger at being able to maintain this finish posture you will start being able to put more force on the handle and feet[RK1] .  This is the real key to being able to hold onto your finish all the way through.

Step Two I will discuss he next step in this sequence in another post.

**If you are interest in learning more about this unique approach and how you can actually change your posture, please feel free to reach out to me or come to one of my upcoming Body Band-It or Body Balance Events.


Quick Hack Can Improve Your Catch Posture

November 3, 2016

Posture, Power, and Performance Series


Today’s first video shows you how your squat motion translates into current rowing posture and the second video shows several exercises (hacks) that help you start improving your rowing posture if deficient or just make you more balanced.


Video # 1 Squat and Erg Posture

Video # 2 Squat Posture Correction Exercises


Previous Video

Simple Squat Assessment


October 18, 2016

Thanks for following me on Instagram and your interest in the Body Band-It. I am Bob Kaehler and the inventor and patent holder of the Body Band-It, and creator of the “Kaehler Method”. The Body Band-It was created it in an effort to consolidate all the singular exercises I use in my hands on “Kaehler Method” which teaches athletes how to master control of the spine to optimize their training results while simultaneously eliminating current chronic injuries or preventing them from ever happening. This system works for any activity or sport.

My personal goal was to make my unique training system more fun and far more effective as I had gotten bored of doing all those hands-on exercises I prescribe to my clients.

The Body Band-It and Kaehler Method are a culmination of 25 years of practicing physical therapy,13 years on the National Team Rowing career which includes being a member of three US Olympic Teams (92, 96, 00) and winning four world championship gold medals, plus being a long time CSCS and just an overall human performance fitness nut.

It has been five and a half years since I built the first working proto-type of the Body Band-It and little did I know what I had actually created. It has far exceeded even my wildest expectations and the incredible results I see from my Body Band-It customers, my family, and myself are becoming the norm.

I retired from lifting weights eight years ago after lifting millions and millions of pounds over a 28 year career and I am happy to say training on the Body Band-it is beyond fun because I can train anywhere I want at any time. I am easily in the best overall musculo-skeletal shape of my life. My cardio not so much.

I am looking to attract experts from varying sports and fitness methods to see who would be interested in seeing how the Body Band-It will explode your current business.

Over the past five and a half years I have done thousands of hours of training on it and created more than 75+ exercises (I have to count them up) while making many changes to the design. It has been heavily “Beta” tested by multiple schools, private clients, my family and myself.

Schools that are currently using it as part of their regular strength and flexibility programs include:

  • Cornell, Yale, Williams, Harvard, Syracuse, URI, Fairfield, Georgetown
  • St. Joe’s Prep HS (Philly), Merion-Mercy HS, Cooper River Rowing Club, Cooper River Rowing Club and more coming on right now.

The Body Band-It is being used to treat patients at two of Good Shepherd Penn Partners physical therapy locations in Philadelphia which I have guided. Looking for more physical therapy partners.

So again I am looking to align with world class coaches, athletes, gym and fitness studio owners and staff, like you, who happen to be outside the box thinkers, like me, and are looking to expand business while making training more effective, powerful, and fun for clients.

Body Band-It business goals are;

  • Partner with other sport specific experts to build specific Body Band-It training routines and sport specific certification programs.
  • Certify coaches from varying sports and activities to help them offer an exclusive training system to their clients.
  • To allow certified professionals to be re-sellers of the Body Band-It.


As an example of how fun and simple it is to use my now 16 year-old daughter and varsity cheerleader was struggling last year because she did not have the overall strength to be a safe base. Just over a year ago I spent about 90 minutes showing her how to do six or seven key exercises so she could build good overall body strength to improve her strength for cheerleading.  She has put on 20 pounds of muscle over the course of the year and trains on it on her own three or four times per week. No she periodically flashes a bicep muscle at me to show how strong she has gotten. Too funny.

I will be hosting a number of training sessions, certification sessions, and seminars on this powerful training system. They will initially be held in Newtown, PA (18940) at Transcend Fitness, but will also entertain coming to your location. Serious inquiries only. Watching the videos alone just does not tell the story once you get in the Body Band-It and feel the muscle activation demanded of your body you instantly understand how powerful it is and why it provides essential stress to your body.

I am starting a Level 1 certification program as well and I am looking to get my first class of coaches, trainers, medical professionals, and other fitness people started on the Body Band-It. It is a perfect machine for one-on-one and group training at all levels of skill and athleticism.


  • Powerfully activates back and abs (core) with every exercise (75+) you do!
  • Effective whole-body strength training that is gentle on the joints.
  • Train your entire body in 15 minutes or less!
  • Reduces sports training injuries by restoring whole body strength and flexibility.
  • Mimics primary movement patterns used in most sports and life activities.
  • Compliments All Other Strength Training Methods.
  • Great to use with team and group training sessions.
  • Unloads the knee joints with squatting and lunging exercises.
  • Elongates your spine and discs without having to hang upside down.
  • Engages and wakes up muscles long forgotten.
  • Improves sports technique by eliminating improper muscle activation
  • Incredible Abdominal/ Trunk Workout With Every Exercise You Do
  • Mimics Strength Training Patterns For All Sporting Movements.



  • Lightweight – 12 Pounds
  • Tube system gives instant feedback on exercise technique. Great for coaching.
  • Stores easily in your home or gym
  • “Mobile Gym” -Take Your Gym with You. Fits in most vehicles.
  • Custom sizes available to fit your body type.
  • Train Anywhere – Land, Sea, even Space!
  • Portable team strength training system you can use on the field, court, poolside or wherever your train


Improves Personal Best Lifts in as Little as Four to Six Weeks.

The Fixed Tube Automatically Optimizes Ideal Spine Positioning with Many of The Exercises You Can Do On the Body Bandit.

Optimizes Strength Gains In Both The Muscles Used To Propel You Forward In Your Favorite Sporting Activity While At The Same Time Effectively Strengthening The Opposing Muscles.


Special Pricing (limited time) for Group Body Band-It Purchases (4 or more) at $499 per unit. Bands are additional if you need them.


Contact me for more information or if you would like to get started.

Coach @ coachkaehler.com   or DM or contact me directly from my IG Page.





Cornell University Athletic Department

March 6, 2016

Kaehler Method Sring Special

April 11, 2015

This spring special is a $40 discount on the Kaehler Method training program at is normally ($89).  This is the same product I give to my Body Balance Evaluation clients (Kaehler Method).

These corrective exercises will help restore your whole body flexibility and strength.

This is a limited time offer which expires on April 21st, 2015

Hurry and purchase now.  This product will be delivered digitally through Dropbox.  No you do not need a Dropbox account to download the product which is 142MB.

The Kaehler Method files are wrapped in an Adobe portofolio so MAC users will need to switch the .PDF reader over to Adobe 9.0 or greater.

SPRING SPECIAL $49 Get this special program now. Click here to learn more.


Training Secrets

September 29, 2014

I will be creating a webinar in the next few weeks which will talk about the powerful insights I use.  Be glad to discuss further if interested.  Please email me at “coach”  at coachkaehhler.com   or call me at 267/968/2900 to learn more about how I  can help you succeed.

Survey – I Need Your Help

July 9, 2014

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Are boot camp style classes the best fit for you?

May 20, 2014

I am frequently asked about the effectiveness of boot-camp style systems such as CrossFit.  My opinion about these “train hard” programs is always the same: it depends on your individual strength and flexibility deficits, your training history, and your specific athletic goals.  These types of boot camp style programs can be effective, but without a firm understanding of these three areas, all that hard training could actually be doing more harm than good.

To be fair, each of these areas need to be addressed for every individual before starting any fitness training.  However, CrossFit can be a more aggressive style of training and that is why there tends to be a higher injury rate when compared to other training styles.  This is especially true for novice athletes who have not gone through a whole body strength and flexibility evaluation.

The point of training is to improve your condition, not to make it worse.  Training hard is actually easy to do, however, training the right way before training hard takes more effort because you need to have uncovered the answers to the three question we addressed.  Getting this complete picture first will always bring about better results versus just jumping right into “training hard”.  To get the best results, you must start with the “train right” mentality.

Before you jump into a “train hard” program make sure you have a professional evaluate your strength and flexibility issues, and tell them about your training history, previous injuries, and your specific goals.

If you are already “training hard”, having a better understanding about your own deficits will add a powerful punch to your current program as you make necessary corrections.  Taking this approach is purposeful and will help you to get the results you are looking for, instead of just doing a bunch of random exercises that are hard to do, and may not take you where you want to go.

Boot camp style programs tend to allot weight a large percentage of training volume to squatting type exercise movements because they are “hard” to do, especially when done in large volumes with weight added to the body.  While these types of movements can be beneficial to help to primarily build strength in the quads, glutes, and low back muscles, to be most effective, the right attention needs to be paid to the opposing muscle groups.

If your real goal is to be faster, stronger, and more resistant to training related injuries, the “train hard” approach might not be the best way to get there until you do this…

Focus on improving the strength in the muscles that oppose the squatting motion first.  Concentrating on your whole body strength and flexibility is what allows you to reach your real potential in any sport.  Training right means you are focused on what matters, not just training hard.

It makes sense to want to improve the strength of the muscles that propel you forward such as the quads, glutes, and back muscles for most land based sports, but when the oppositional muscles are neglected (those which oppose the primary movers) you might be increasing your risk of getting injured while not actually improving your speed at all.

Balancing your training program can help you get the most out of your strength training program and allow you to train much closer to your true potential.

Train Right, Train Smart, then Train Hard!

Coach Kaehler

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