How to Eliminate the Top Five Triathlete Training Injuries – Part 2

March 2, 2017

Wouldn’t you rather be a part of the 13% of athletes that are injury free? Back [Click Here]

Strength training without a plan is just indiscriminate training. How do you know where you are weak? And what exercises are actually eliminating injury risk not increasing it?

Strength training becomes very effective when you learn this one skill:  How to keep the spine stable when the arms and legs are moving resistance. This includes weights, resistance bands, or your body itself.

Here are some quick exercise videos that show you how to begin eliminating injuries by targeting weak and inflexible areas.

The Body Band-It design teaches your body how to stop the spine from moving when you apply loads to the arms, legs, or both, to make movement happen. The more you improve at this skill, the faster and more injury resistant you become.  And even better still, your body will work more effectively by eliminating energy leaks in the trunk as it becomes the non-moving platform for the arms and legs to work from and athletes simultaneously see significant and rapid improvement in PRs 

Work these exercises and begin to experience the results we’ve seen across triathletes, cross fit athletes, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, master’s athletes, Olympians, and national champions.

  1. Knee (25%)            -  [Eliminate Knee Pain - Running Striders ]
  2. Lower Leg (23%)    -  [Standing Hamstring Curl
  3. Lower Back (23%)  -  [Squat Down Strength Series]
  4. Shoulder                 -  [Squat Press/Shoulder Press]
  5. Upper Leg               -  [Effective Lunge Stretch ]


To accelerate your results and customize a personal program, please join me at webinar or an upcoming live demo to try out the Body Band-It for yourself.

Live Training Demos: Learn how to remain pain-free while training as hard as you like.

Upcoming Events:


March 25th (12pm -2 pm)

April 22nd (12pm – 2pm)


Transcend Fitness/ Carousel Crossfit – 591 Durham Road , Newtwon, PA 18940

Wear training clothes.

COST:  $49 Deposit which will be refunded when you attend the event. Space is limited to eight athletes.

Body Band-It Classes – January/February 2017

January 13, 2017

Body Band-It Classes:

I will be holding three classes over the next several weeks. I have created a number of new exercises I will be sharing, plus lots of technique review will also happen during the class.


All Classes ($15) will be held at the Carousel CrossFit Gym located at 591 Durham Road, Newtown, PA 18940;


Class Time; 1 to 2pm

January 15th

January 29th

February 12th


Please double check with me before attending. I have several extra Body Band-Its if you cannot bring your own. Please let me know if you need one.


Feel free to bring a friend who might be interested in giving the Body Band-It a go.

I will also be holding my first Body Band-It certification class tentatively scheduled for February 25 or 26th. Please stay tuned for more information.




Please do share any successes you have had on the Body Band-It. Love to share your powerful stories to help others see the power of the Body Band-It. Email me directly.

Here is a recent story about the Body Band-It directly from the Head Women’s Rowing Coach at University of Rhode Island.




I have been using the Body Band-It™ with my team for two years.    I wanted to see if the “Body Band-It™” or weightlifting was more effective.   I had two groups throughout the winter.  One group just did the body band it and the other lifted free weights with our strength coach.     The group that did the Body Band-It™ were more efficient and always finished before the other group.    I (and the weight room group) noticed that the Body Band-It™ group’s erg scores were improving more than the weight room only group.   


I started to get athletes asking me if they could join the Body Band-It™ group!

I also use the body band it to help rehab injured athletes.   


I personally use the Body Band-It™ myself.    I noticed that I get a great work out.  Both the big and small muscle groups are used, which I never felt by doing free weights.  I also noticed that my muscles felt fatigued but not ripped or bashed up (like they felt from free weights) and I recovered much quicker from training sessions.   The Body Band-It™ also works on flexibility and full range of motion which is need in the sport of rowing.


Shelagh Donohoe

National team- World championships – two silver medals

Olympic Silver Medal

Head Rowing Coach



New Exercise VIDEO – Kettlebell Body Band-It Combination:


Please make sure you secure your feet properly to the Body Band-It foot board straps or newer version foot plates when doing the second exercise motion in the video. Otherwise the Body Band-It will move towards the ceiling.


Keep Training Smart and Have a Great Weekend!



Body Band-It New Video – Lateral Lunge Pushes & Pulls

January 7, 2017

Hi Robert
A Body Band-It – Happy New Year!
I have shot a number of new videos and will be getting them out to you. They will be hosted on my YouTube channel. Subscribe if you want to see the latest additions.

This exercise is great for working the trunk, arms, and legs in a lateral motion.

Make sure you keep the tube close to your body during the movement. If you have the version with the Concept 2 footboards make sure you are standing on the Velcro straps. With the new version you must securely stand on the L-footplate to make sure it does not slip.

In the pulling motion I have a BLUE band (this direction you will have more power), and the pushing motion where the band is attached around the footboard tube and handle I am using a RED band (this direction is more challenging).

I alternate directions doing sets or 20 to 30 reps and I usually will complete 3 to 5 sets.

Click on the video link below

Lateral Lunge Pushes & Pulls:  

I will be holding a Body Band-It class next Sunday January 15th from 1-2pm at Transcend Fitness at 591 Durham Road Newtown, PA 18940.  The session will be in the Carousel CrossFit building.

$15 if you bring your own Body Band-It

$20 if you need a Body Band-It (I only have three)

Email me if you are interested in attending the class.

Does Your Posture Matter When Rowing?

December 16, 2016

Posture, Power, and Performance.

Video: One Leg Rowing

Rowing one leg at a time is a great way to start learning the skill of keeping the spine in a solid upright position during your rowing stroke.  I like to row with one leg at a time alternating legs every minute for about eight to 10 minutes as a warm-up and then proceed to regular rowing. Sometimes I do an entire workout alternating legs.


Rowing more upright is a learnable and valuable skill that not only improves flexibility and strength balance in the extremities that allows you to go faster while eliminating back stiffness and other injuries..

The rounded or C- spine position is a low skill rowing posture, and is still commonly coached, that significantly increases training related injury risk while simultaneously reducing overall rowing power.

Rowing with an upright posture is a high skill level position requiring lots of focused attention, power, and strength to maintain this superior posture.

It is not easy to go fast while remaining injury free (including back stiffness) but it’s more fun. Common rowing are not the condition of rowing but the condition of how you either control or don’t control the spine during the rowing stroke. Those who allow their spine to facilitate reach are bound to suffer and go slower, while those who master control excel!

Come join me on January 15th   2017 for a Rowing Posture Training Camp at Transcend Fitness in Newtown, PA 18940.  The class will run from 9:30am till 12:30pm?  Please email me if this might be of interest.


2014 Coach Kaehler’s Summer Strength Training Camp

May 21, 2014

2014 Rowing–Strength Camp

Learning Innovative Training Techniques and Basics of Strength Training – Improve Your Rowing Power and Prevent Injuries.  

Coaching Director:  Coach Kaehler


Week 1:  June 24th and June 26th

Week 2:  June 30th and July 2nd** (Monday and Wednesday because of Holiday)

Week 3:   July 8th and 10th

Week 4:   July 15th and 17th


Tuesday, Thursday from:   3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Meets Two-days per week:   Tuesdays and Thursday (8 sessions)** except July 4th week

Where: Transcend Sports Fitness – 591 Durham Road, Newtown PA 18940

Camp Includes:  

  • Basic flexibility and strength assessment
  • Instruction on proper weight lifting and strength development techniques
  • Integration of strength development into rowing specific power
  • Assessment of rowing stroke on the ergometer
  • Strength training on site two times per week
  • Each participant receives a summer strength training program

If you have a schedule conflict please contact Coach Kaehler so your request can be accommodated.  This camp is designed to teach athletes at all levels how to improve their strength and understanding of how to apply their power to the rowing handle.  Each camper will learn about basic flexibility issues they need to concentrate on to help with their athletic improvement.   We will spend time working on both flexibility and strength training techniques during each session.

Time Commitment:

Athletes are expected to be on time and picked up right after practice.  We will be meeting two times per week for four weeks, and on occasion we might run a little longer scheduled.

What to expect:  Practice will be held in the Cross Fit gym at Transcend Fitness. We may train outdoors to break up training.  We will be doing some work on the ergometers as part of the power and strength development.  Each athlete will need to wear training cloths including good shoes for safe lifting.  Please have athletes bring post training food (protein bar, shake, etc.) to assist with post training recovery.   Please bring a water bottle 20-32 oz. so drinking fountain breaks are reduced.

Athlete’s requirements:   Parents must sign the Coach Kaehler Liability Waiver. We expect all athletes to show up for all sessions unless they are sick, or have an excused absence.  If an athlete has more than two unexcused absences he/she may not be permitted to continue.  Practices will be run by Coach Kaehler unless otherwise noted.


This program is for experienced rowers and is limited to eight (6) athletes per session for this summer 2014 session.   Additional training suggestions will also be made for those athletes who are looking to do additional summer workouts.

Cost:  $850 per athlete which is payable to “Coach Kaehler”.  Participants will also need to sign-up for a student summer membership at Transcend Fitness.   I will look into that pricing

The Coach Kaehler fee includes- includes eight 90- minute small group coaching and strength training sessions, a summer strength program to use following the, and any other training suggestions and basic flexibility and strength assessments.  Campers are also free to contact me by email with any training questions.

Please contact Coach Kaehler to receive the application for the camp.  Bio.

Body Balance Lecture Series – January 2013

October 19, 2012


When:           January 12th and 13th, 2013

Time:              9:00 to 4:30 pm on Saturday, and 8:30 to 3:00 pm on Sunday

Location:     The Hilton Hotel in Newtown, PA (20 minutes from Princeton, 30 minutes from Philadelphia)

This comprehensive two-day seminar is designed for athletes and coaches at all levels, who are interested in improving their individual or team’s rowing performance.  This event includes a comprehensive power point lectures on strength training, body balance, and how flexibility and strength imbalances will affect rowing performance.

DAY 1 (Morning Session)

  • Body Balance Power Point lecture.  This presentation will include relevant anatomy and biomechanics as they related to rowing and the body.  We will also discuss how anatomy and body imbalances affect the body and how they can lead to chronic training injuries as well as reduce performance of the athlete.  Also we will discuss how these imbalances lead to specific rowing injuries and why they also cut your athletes potential.

DAY 1 (Afternoon Session)

  • Hands on session with class participation.  Each participant will learn how to do each of the corrective exercises correctly and training tips on how to get your athletes doing the movements correctly.
  • Discussion/lecture on posture and rowing and why without improving your athlete’s tools changes cannot be made with a clear understanding of why and how to correct most postural deficiencies.

DAY 2 (Morning Session)

  • Power point lecture (afternoon): Will include the bio-mechanics of strength training and rowing, and will discuss how the two can be directly correlated with proper implementation.
  • Learning how to progress your athletes correctly when it comes to strength training for rowing.

DAY 2 (Early Afternoon Session)

  • Strength Training: Hands-on review of bio-mechanics and lifting technique in the gym with class participation, including key points and safe effective exercises instruction.  Learn key training tips and effective teaching tools
  • Hands-on instruction:  How to identify individual athlete inflexibility, and explanations of why they will limit rowing performance.
  • Correlation of strength training to the ergometer with a hands-on-review session.
  • Participation on the ergometer/weights:  Demonstration of specific exercises that directly tie in strength training to the rowing stroke
  • Strength Training: Hands-on review of bio-mechanics and lifting technique in the gym with class participation, including key points and safe effective exercises instruction.
  • Hands-on instruction:  How to identify individual athlete inflexibility, and explanations of why they will limit rowing performance.



*Each participant will receive a copy of the Power Point lecture(s).  As a BONUS everyone attending will also receive a FREE COPY of my new program on how to correlate strength training to the rowing stroke.

Class size is limited to (20) participants for this tw0-day clinic!!  Seat will be reserved(on payment) on a first come first served basis to allow for effective hands on coaching instruction for each individual.  In addition spots are also available to attend the lecture(s) only.

This Clinic is approved by US ROWING for fourteen (14) hours of Continuing Education towards Level(s) 1,2 and 3-Certifications.


 HURRY and SIGN-UP NOW and SAVE up to $55 on the cost of this unique event.   If you want to really improve your coaching toolbox do not miss this event!!


$395 until November 30th, 2012

$425 – Until December 15th, 2012

$450 – After December 15th, 2012




Body Balance Seminar Two Day Conference

December 9, 2011

Wouldn’t you love to keep your athletes out of the training room so you can sleep at night!

You can learn and master how at my upcoming Body Balance Lecture Series

Do you struggle to get your daily line-ups set each day because you have a number of injured athletes?  Unexcited to send your athletes through another round of physical therapy or the training room, or having them have to take time-off from training, again?  Are you growing frustrated that some of your top athletes never seem to make it through an entire season without injuries?  Or do you have some athletes that do not seem to be making any progress?   Put yourself in control of this situation by understanding the power of Body Balance and how it can solve these frustrating problems!



Make sure you check out some upcoming FREE training tips that I will be releasing over the next several weeks.  These powerful tips will start your athletes doing some key corrective Body Balance exercises that can begin to help put them back on the road to musculoskeletal  balance, whether they are injured or not!!  If you are not on my email list please contact me at ?





Wouldn’t you like to know that you can train your athletes at a high level without the concern that they will break down and have to spend more time in the training room than with the team?  Do you dream of getting through an entire season without any of your athletes getting injured?  Are you tired of hearing that little voice in your head saying I hope everyone makes it through today’s session without getting injured?  While you have good grasp on how to plan the appropriate amount of training volume and intensity you are constantly wondering why some athletes can make it through while others cannot.  You have theories of why but are not really sure they are valid.  By learning the key elements of Body Balance in this lecture series you will now control your athlete’s destiny.   Without considering this key element your training programs will always give inconsistent results and some athletes spending more time in the training room than at practice.

If you’d like to take complete control over your training program design and how you can help them better handle the stresses of your training program, then keep reading.

Helping your athletes reach their peak potential is why you coach and having them be able to handle the stresses of training that are required to succeed is FUN if it can be done without the recurring injury problem!  Maybe you are one of the few coaches that have few injuries (5% or less of your athletes) but more than likely that is not the case.  Or maybe you had one of those seasons several years ago where everyone made it through and that was a great experience but it has not happened since.  Wouldn’t you like to experience that every year!  Or maybe you feel like some of your athletes seem to be stuck and not making progress or are actually getting slower.   You’re still not where you want to be, you’ve read all the magazine articles and go to the conventions every year but just get a gloss-over on a bunch of different topics and you are still searching to understand because you cannot shake the injury bug or help the athlete who gets stuck.

Do not rely on your strength staff to understand the real nuisances of rowing, as they tend to focus on the four-second sports (football, basketball, baseball, hockey).

You see, the real success to having your athletes train pain-free and with more power and strength are by mastering and applying the secrets of Body Balance.  Musculoskeletal Body Balance is not addressed if you current strength and conditioning program focuses mainly on strengthening the primary boat moving muscles in the rowing stroke.

Whether this is your first or fiftieth year coaching, understanding and working with your athletes on the key elements of musculoskeletal Body Balance is critical for a fast, powerful, and injury-free body.  While there is no 100% success with any training, incorporating the powerful Body Balance process to your current training program will significantly reduce injuries and will also make your athletes stronger and faster.


- “We saw remarkable improvement in hamstring and hip flexibility and strength. It was a high energy workout that increased our overall strength significantly.  We finished winter training with zero injuries -every athlete trained every day of training camp”

Gerry Quinlan
Head Women’s Rowing Coach
Saint Joseph’s University


Being a hands-on seminar spots will be limited to the first 25 to sign-up.  HURRY NOW and REGISTER NOW! for this powerful two-day lecture.

When:        January 14th and 15th, 2011

Where:      Newtown, PA (20 minutes from Princeton, 30 minutes from Philly)

Cost:         $395 if you sign-up by December 1stth, $445 through December31th, $475 after Dec 31s , 2011

REGISTER NOW AND SAVE UP TO $80!  or to Learn more about this incredible Body Balance Lecture Series please click here!   Or please feel free to email me at




Body Balance Weekend Workshop



When:            January 14th and 15th, 2012


Time:             Saturday 9am to 4:30pm, and Sunday 8:30am to 3pm


Location:      The Hilton Hotel, Newtown PA

                        (20 minutes from Princeton; 30 minutes from Philadelphia)





This comprehensive two-day seminar is designed for athletes and coaches of all levels who are interested in improving their individual or team’s performance.  This event includes detailed PowerPoint presentations on strength training, body balance, and discussions on how flexibility and strength imbalances impact rowing performance.




Day 1


Morning Session


  • Body Balance PowerPoint presentation.  This presentation will include relevant anatomy and biomechanics as they relate to rowing and the body.  We will also discuss how anatomical and body imbalances affect the body, and how they can lead to chronic training injuries and reduce an athlete’s performance and potential.


Afternoon Session


  • Hands-on session with class participation.  Each participant will learn how to perform the corrective exercises correctly.  The session will also include Coach Kaehler’s training guidelines to ensure athletes execute the moves accurately and benefit from the targeted exercises.
  • Posture and rowing presentation / discussion.  Coach Kaehler will explain why  athletes must first change their tools before they can understand their postural deficiencies and correct them.


Day 2


Morning Session


  • PowerPoint presentation (afternoon).  Presentation will include the biomechanics  of strength training and rowing,and will discuss how the two can be correlated with proper implementation.
  • Participants will learn how to correctly progress their athletes when strength training for rowing.


Early Afternoon Session


  • Strength Training:  Hands-on review of biomechanics and lifting techniques in the gym with class participation.  Participants will learn key training tips and effective teaching tools.
  • Hands-on instruction:  Coach Kaehler will explain how to identify athlete inflexibility and discuss how the flexibility deficits will limit rowing performance.
  • Correlation of strength training to the ergometer, with a hands-on review session.
  • Participation on the ergometer and weights.  Demonstration of specific exercises that directly tie in strength training to the rowing stroke.



Each participant will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation(s).  As a BONUS, each participant will also receive a free copy of my new program on how to correlate strength training to the rowing stroke.


Class size is limited to 25 participants for the all-day clinic to allow for effective hands-on coaching instruction for each individual.  Lecture-only spots are also available.


This clinic is approve by USRowing for fourteen (14) hours of Continuing Education towards Levels 1, 2 and 3 certifications.



2011-12 Winter Erg Training Camp

November 14, 2011


WHERE: Transcend Sports Training Facility, Wrightstown, PA (Please feel free to tour the facility).  Each participant must join Transcend at the student rate to use the facility. ($35/month) November not included in the charge.


WHEN: November 27th, 2011 – February 12th, 2012

This is the third year Coach Kaehler will be holding this comprehensive winter training camp.  This Program is ideal for those wishing to improve their rowing strength and power, as well as improve on their current 2k erg.  The group size is limited to two groups of four (4) people, with three (3) being the minimum.  The small group size will maximize coaching for the athletes. To confirm please pay the $200 deposit that is refundable if someone replaces your spot or the camp does not reach three (3) participants.   Hurry and sign-up before this camp sells out.



  • Nine Training Sessions in small groups at Transcend (See dates below tentative to change)
  • Your own Copy of my 84 Day Erg Training Program ($197 Value) ( erg program, strength program, full video library)
  • Body Balance Evaluation or re-evaluation ($399 Value)
  • Corrective Exercise Program
  • Race Preparation
  • Training Tips
  • Hands-on-coaching


This program will combine on-site and off-site training into one. Athletes will get both hands on coaching as well as a comprehensive ergometer training program along with the full strength training program both on-site as well as at home.


SESSION 1 – 07:00 – 09:00 AM ( 4 spots remain)


SESSION 2 – 09:15 – 11:15 AM (SOLD OUT)


There must be at least two athletes in  a session for it to happen.

HURRY and REGISTER NOW as the five (5) remaining spots will not last long!!




Meeting Dates:


November   27

December   04

December   11

December   18

January        08

January        22

January        27** (Friday)

February      05

February         12**




Are you struggling to get your 2k erg score lower?  Unexcited about having to go through the another long season of training not knowing if using the same training system  will give you the improvement you need?  The fact is college rowing coaches use the 2k as the door opener, it has become the SAT of rowing.   See how my 84-Day Erg Training Program will:


Would like to improve your 2k erg by 10-to-20 seconds or more, while still being able to manage the rest of your life?  If you would like to have complete control and confidence in your 2k erg training program this winter, please keep reading.

Getting maximum improvement out of your training is easy if you have a comprehensive plan that covers the main areas that will lead to success on the ergometer.  Maybe it’s been a while since you felt strong on the erg.  Or, you may be in that happy minority that has done well on your 2k erg score, but still you are not where you want to be.   Most erg programs are designed for group training and do not address your individual deficits.

You see, success of reaching your true potential on the erg has a lot more to do with understanding what your real deficits are as an individual athlete, and then to start correcting them, and much more than just pounding out a bunch of meters each day.  After having done over 800 of my Body Balance Evaluations on athletes at all level (Olympic Champions to Junior Rowers) I have uncovered key areas that must be addressed not only to maximize your potential on the ergometer, but also to improve rowing strength and power and also to prevent or eliminate chronic training related injuries.


Each athlete will go through my Body Balance Evaluation Process


“During our first conversation with Bob, he said that he would need one assessment, and that he was convinced that she would be able to return to rowing in a certain period of time.  I was so impressed: he delivered on all his promises.   

He did identify the problem; he did it in one meeting; and she did recover in 6 weeks.  Best of all, (shortly after) Megan PR’d when she took her 2K erg test. 

-          Quote from Megan’s Father

(Megan – was in her junior season and was not able to train on the ergometer because of chronic low back pain that did not respond to traditional medicine. She went through my Body Balance Evaluation process and was able to return to rowing for her nationally known high school program in several weeks.)



Your competition is really within you!  Once you begin to understand and correct your deficits you will begin to see why these elements are so critical for your development.  The ergometer is relentless, and without proper body balance and rowing specific strength you will be operating at a sub-optimal level.   You will learn how to strength train with correct technique based on your current status.  Everyone is at a different level and needs to train where they are.  With small groups (maximum of four) each athlete will receive proper coaching on how to move based on their current flexibility and strength deficits.  Developing strength the right way is critical for improving power on the ergometer.

“Before (Coach Kaehler’s program), I thought I was a strong rower, compared to the club team.  It turned out I had a lot of weaknesses.  Not only did Coach Kaehler make me stronger, but he also gave me the tools to transfer this knowledge to the rowing stroke.”

Olivia McShea, (2010 – Junior Year HS)- Now rowing for last year’s NCAA Champions

Using Coach Kaehler’s three-month (84-day) training program Olivia subsequently dropped more than 20 seconds on her 2K score at the 2010 CRASH B’s.



Proper rest and recovery are also important in allowing the body to recover from hard but effective training.  This 84-day program has three rest periods built in to ensure you reach your peak on day 84 (CRASH-B’s).  Even if you are not racing in Boston, this will be your peak day to do your 2k!  If you will be training with your HS program this winter I will modify your training schedule to fit into what you are doing.


Going through a comprehensive program helps build confidence so when you get to race day you have left no stone unturned.  Over the 84-day program and the ten training session we will do together you will be taught some mental skill building techniques.  This is critical for a peak performance.


Body Balance Evaluations – Greenwich, CT – October 8th, 2011

September 8, 2011

Frustrated with training related injuries that have failed to respond to traditional medical treatment?  Or are you looking for a “Core” training program that is really suited to your body’s strength and flexibility deficits?  If so this is an ideal process to have you rowing, running, or cycling pain-free and with more power than you could have imagined!!

Come join 3-time Olympian, 4-time World Champion Coach Kaehler and go through his unique Body Balance Evaluation process.  Coach Kaehler combines his 18 years as a physical therapist, 15 years as a strength trainer and 30+ years of rowing experience to help you achieve your potential!!


Where:           Greenwich Water Club, Cos Cob, CT


When:             October 8th,  2011

Especially suited for athletes that have training related pain that has not responded to traditional medicine.  This process is also ideal for high school,college, and master’s rowers and  coaches, who want to take their rowing to the next level.  Body Balance is the key to powerful and pain-free rowing, raise your game!!

* Disclaimer -This is not medical treatment, if you are experiencing training related pain you should seek professional medical treatment immediately to rule out more serious medical conditions.


Body Balance Structural Evaluations (with corrective exercise instruction immediately following the evaluation)


Understanding and correcting your specific flexibility and strength imbalances is essential to helping you achieve a long, powerful, and balanced rowing stroke.  These one-on-one sessions include Coach Kaehler’s comprehensive Body Balance Structural Evaluation, followed by a personalized program of easy-to-follow exercises that address and correct each of your structural issues.

Body Balance helps athletes row more powerfully and avoid injury by shifting stresses of the rowing stroke toward proper support muscles, and away from your low back and other joints.

Use this simple, but highly effective system to improve your performance and enjoy rowing to your potential!


Time Slots: Saturday, October 8th, 2011

09:00  -       10:30 am –   Available

10:30 -         12:00 pm  -  Available

12:00pm – 01:30pm -   Booked

02:00 -        03:30 pm -  Booked

03:30 -         05:00pm -  Booked

Sign-up now!!  – $399


After making your purchase, please contact Coach Kaehler to reserve your preferred time.

Upcoming Clinics

March 29, 2011



Greenwich, CT – October 8th, 2011 -  Greenwich Water Club

Five slots are available

09:00 -10:30

10:30 – 12:00

12:30 – 02:00

02:00 – 03:30

03:30 – 05:00


FISA Youth Conference – October 14th, 2011  – Princeton, N.J.




End of November thru CRASH-B Sprints -  more details coming



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